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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Training

The calendar says spring...

The sleds may be put away...

...but the sled dogs are still raring to go!

This year, we are fortunate to have Mandy,
owner of

She is taking time out of her busy schedule to come to our place three times a week to run the dogs.

Russ rode along for the first couple runs.

I'm not sure who is having more fun.



Or the dogs?

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


Mrs. T said...

Looks like great fun for all! I had been wondering what you do with the dogs over the summer.

On a sad note...don't know if you heard the news about the almost 100 sled dogs that were left tied to trees and starving (some dead) in the province of Quebec, Canada. Some wonderful rescue groups from Ontario and parts of the U.S. took them in and prepared them for adoption.

The story prompted Quebec to make stricter animal cruelty laws. Here's a link to this story (hope it works for you)Just copy and paste into address bar:


Connie said...

It looked like a wonderful day and fun for everyone!