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Saturday, May 28, 2011

On Your MARK Saturday

For the last couple Saturdays, I've been highlighting children who need a home.

Making Adoption Resources Known

First up, a fine young man named Sean.

Now, skip over to this young gal,
who loves horses, dogs,
wants to camp,
and just wants a family to spend time with her.

Destiny is her name.
Be sure and turn down the soothing music on Playlist so you can hear Destiny's plea for a family.

Open your heart, open your home.

It's that easy. 

Until tomorrow, God willing.


Farmchick said...

Wonderful that you are sharing this link.

Mikey said...

Breaks my heart. She is a perfect girl, how I wish I could give her our home. She would fit in so well here. I'm reading the FAQ right now, but I'm guessing she would have to stay in her home state. What a beautiful, sweet girl.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thanks FC. It's hard to ignore this need. Mikey, I breaks my heart to see her beautiful smile. She also said "I would like a family that lives on a farm with farm animals, dogs and cats." Check into the Interstate Adoption rules. These children need a home so badly, I'm sure there has to be a way, i.e. courtesy home studies, etc. Thanks for checking in.

Mary Ann said...

Though I write often about doing our family geneology, I have never revealed that my sister and I are not "natural" sisters, but adopted ones! My parents gave us a loving home and I adored them. I have three adopted cousins, as well. What a wonderful thing for you to do for these children!