Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Turning A Corner

I'm not sure who learned more this past weekend...

Who pulled logs, hauled stoneboats, and worked like a champ...

Or us.

I'm guessing us.

Having an Amish man come to our place, 
and work our horse, 
set off emotions that are too sacred to even talk about.  

Needless to say, it was a wonderful Saturday, 
learning about horse power and Amish living.  
(...and where we fit in...)

I'll compose my thoughts and return.

Until then, dear friends.

God willing, and giving Him the glory!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Made in The Shade

Me and heat don't mix.

But I do realize it is now summer, so I try to be "humbly grateful".

This arrangement, (above)

and 2 beautiful others were compliments of my young "golfer son", 


when he visited this past week.

When he left to head back to California,
the heat rolled into our place in the Mitten State.

And I went searching for any place cool.


I headed to our 


The coolest place on our 40 acres.

Where the dogs enjoy some down time in the summer months.

Hawk, who hit the decade mark, having been born in our kennel.

Knik, aka "Wooten" a young Siberian, from "Iditarod racing stock".

an Alaskan Husky, 
one of our several 
"going on 14-year olds"...
He's seen a lot of summers,
and has been here since he was a young puppy.

Note, his coat isn't quite "blown out", even with daily brushing.

Little Feet, an 8-year old Siberian.

Doug, one of the blue-eyed Siberians, also born here, comfy in his dirt hollow.

And Malakai,
our young Siberian
showing his coat,
which has a way to go before being totally free from thick fur,
even with the daily brushing,
which he thoroughly enjoys.

Side bar:  We have found with dog's coats, and with most everything else in life, God knows best.
Please resist the urge to shave your dog.
It may give your vacuum a break, but your dog may suffer.

Please read this for more information...(click on "this")

And little Skunk, who is now our house dog, learning her boundaries.

She's out of the kennel, but will be confined until we can be sure she will stay put.

But until then, she loves her daily walks on the trails, and nights in the cabin.

Until tomorrow, dear friends.  God willing.
Hopefully you are staying cool also.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On The Road Again

It's hard to believe I can go weeks without leaving our "40".

FYI...piggies arrive on 7/5.

But then summer arrives, and I'm on the go.

From farm lands.

To the glorious lakes of my youth.

Yesterday I headed down to 
Click above to see an awesome place!

My mother, her friend, and I had a delicious lunch in their Tea Room.  

After lunch, I headed back north to Amish country, 
while my Mother and her friend zoomed off in a red convertible, heading south.  
I shook my head with a smile...watching these "young girls" have fun.

More news...
Later this week, we will be experiencing the best of both worlds.

Our boy, Raz, will be additionally trained for driving in harness.

A wonderful Amish man will be coming to our place, to work Raz.
(And I get to drive him to and fro from his farm... in our truck!  
Oh, what a wonderful time it will be!)

Party's over, Raz...

Soon, you'll be just like the big boys!

Until next time, dear friends.  God willing.


P.S.  I left my Nikon D80 camera out in the rain.  Yes, hard to believe...but I left it hanging by the outhouse door, and we had a storm shortly thereafter.  And yes, it's toast...  I'm going to try one more thing.  Put it in a bag with rice.  Keep your finger's crossed for me.  Thank you.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Flying By

Are you feeling it?

This summer is going fast.

Too fast!

Last week I had many adventures, besides my daily life on our small farm.

1.  Traveled with "musher" friends to Michigan's Upper Peninsula 
and had a wonderful lunch in Mackinaw City.

2.  Invited to a wonderful dinner in my hometown, 
nestled by Lake Michigan, 
hosted by my childhood friend, 
who was visiting from Wisconsin with family.

3.  Headed to an auction last weekend, selling our wares. 
More on that later...

And spent my birthday at the start of this week with my youngest son, 
(the golfer) 
who was/is visiting from California.

FYI, he missed being in the U.S. Open by 2 strokes...he shot a 72.
Next year, Mark!

Photo taken at my Mother's beautiful home, in my hometown.

Enjoyed a week of family, friends, good food, and fellowship, and the week isn't over yet...
so the craziness continues!

Photo courtesy of my son, Mark...

Speaking of crazy
our baby goat was really getting into her tree-climbing act!
Little Olive is quite the show off!
Can you see her in the tree, pictured above?

I'll update soon, and should have some news about horse training.

We have decided it is needed...and are making plans.
Amish style.

Stay tuned!

Until then, dear friends.  God willing.
And wishing you many blessings during your summer months!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Auction Bound

I love Auction Saturdays...

Especially in "small town America".

I'll update you soon...and let you know how Saturday went.

I'm heading there with wood wares in the back of our farm truck.

And of course, it will be fun to see the horses and other small critters.

Until then dear friends, God willing.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Antsy Equine

I love our Mustang beauty.  

(Pronounced Now-eesh)

Even if he is impatient to leave on an adventure.

Until next time, dear friends.

God willing.