Friday, July 26, 2013

This 'n That (July Musings)

Now that the heat wave is behind us, Autumn feels in front of us.  
It won't be long before we begin to morph into the winter months, 
activity and snow whirling about.   

The dogs will be happy.

If you were to stop by our place on any given day, you'd find the saw mill roaring, 
with Russ at the helm. 

If not the mill, the chain saw.  

Wood is the word these days.

But not before an early morning training session with Raz, each morning,

donned in his harness.

As for me, I carry an extra layer of dog fur on my clothes, 
from brushing out the beautiful Siberians and Alaskans who grace our kennel.

I'm looking forward to fall training {and 40 degree temps}, 
which consists of hooking up a team of dogs to our ATV.

But until then, I will enjoy what the Lord brings us each day.

Our garden blessings, and friends stopping by.

Until next time, dear friends, Lord willing.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Small Town News

Yep, we live in a small town.

One stop light.

No Walmart.

But a place where you can go through the McDonald's Drive-Thru on horseback, 
as our friends did this past Saturday, 
with their covered wagon and on horseback,

on their way to ride at our place, with Russ.

But the big news this past weekend, wasn't in our neck of the woods.  
It was a little further south, with the court hearing of Baker's Green Acres.

I drove down and attended the court hearing, in addition to visiting my Amish friends, 
and coming home with a round bale in the back of the truck.

According to Bakers, there were 230 or so people from 13 states.  

Here's the details, straight from the Bakers.

Go to:  Baker's Green Acres (click on name)

Be sure and keep watch on Baker's website, and their Youtube updates.  

We, as farmers/consumers/Americans, need to follow this case.

Oh, other news.  
I closed my Facebook out for a couple months.  
I did this last year for two months, and then opened it up again.  
It was time to close it (deactivate) it again for a while.  
Or perhaps...forever.  We'll see...I've been battling this for quite some time.
(Idolatry comes in many forms, folks.  Beware...)

Until next time, Lord willing.


P.S.  Terri, from Our Crazy Farm ~ you rock!  A letter will be coming to you soon!  xoxo

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Little Piggy went to Court

Our piglets, doing what pigs do...

Even if you are not from northern lower Michigan, 
you may have heard about Baker's Green Acres.

Mark and his wife, Jill, have six children.

For the last year, Bakers have fought to keep their pigs from being destroyed.

Tomorrow I will be heading a tad south to a beautiful little lakeside sit in COURT, 
and hear the outcome of this battle.  
The family is facing a fine of $700,000 for keeping their pigs.  

You should be.

Here's the story...take time to hear it.

{Note:  the video above was NOT done by Baker's Green Acres.}

Baker's Green Acres has 60+ videos, many about this case.  
Each one with new details, like this one below.
Once running, click on the title to link to the Baker's Video's on Youtube.
Please folks, take the time to view.

I'll keep you posted, dear friends.  Lord willing.

{A proud pig farmer!}