Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Autumn Blessings

Its early morning.  The rising sun in the East is hours away. 

However this morning I am wide awake and overflowing with praise.
My round “yurt-type” house is done. The Wee-bit-bigger-House!

Well, almost.  But as far as I’m concerned, it is finished.  Varnish and paint are nearly completed.  No running water yet, but I haven’t had that in years.  {That’s a whole story in itself, but one you have to experience to fully understand.}  The claw foot tub, refurbished by Russ, was carried and brought in my by a handful of our hearty friends this week.  It fits perfectly.  I can’t wait to fill it! 
Upon hearing that, you may wonder if we have decided to become “city-fied” and have an indoor bathroom “facilities”.  No…we sport a new matching-round-outhouse {awaiting its matching green metal roof}.  Simple living - just the way I like it.  But the tub?  A nice upgrade indeed!

Along the way, those who know me have asked…”why is it taking so long?”  Well, it’s easy to understand, if you realize every piece of wood or furnishing is created here on site by Russ.  There’s no running to a big box store and loading up your truck with pre-cut wood for the construction.  No special deliveries.  Instead, it is cranking on the chainsaw and cutting the tree that would be a “fit” for sewn logs.  Once the tree is felled, it is brought up to the mill for cutting.  {I’m sure Russ would use different terms.}   

Then it is stickered and dried.  This is about the time I would say…why is it taking so long?  Waiting for wood to “dry” is the hardest for me.  {Yes…I have also asked along the way.} 
But now that my home is “nearly” finished, I can rejoice.  
We had our first snowfall last evening, with snow on the ground this morning.  I awoke to a toasty 70 degrees.  {So different from the old cabin.}  It looks to be a good winter in the Wee House.  {Actually…Wee-bit-bigger-House.}   This is a view of our doors facing West.  Hearty big doors, made by Russ.
As for our old cabin, those same “hearty friends” carried in a woodstove into the old cabin.  It was good to {finally} feel warmth emit from the stove when I am in that cabin.  This particular stove has a glass door, which adds a nice visual to the cabin, since there is little else to watch.  
Earlier this week, while doctoring in a nearby “big” town, we stopped and picked up a new "tabletop" oven and some throw rugs.  We had scouted out the oven on a previous trip, and were delighted to find it on sale for $30 less!  The finishing touches are being put into place. 

Upon coming home that day, we raced the impending snow and put up wood into the cubbies that are built into the home.  {Doors closing in the cubby, possibly made from our old dog trailer, are pending.}  It always feels so good to stack firewood – truly one of my favorite cold-weather chores. 

I’m still enthralled with the circular pattern of the home.  Mountain Man, Eustace Conway, goes into great detail about a circular building being “natural”, and I believe it.  

Our woodstove sports an Ecofan (purchased from Tractor Supply), and it really does the job by running on heat.  Just place it on your woodstove and off it goes!  This morning it is whirring silently, sending the warmth throughout the round house.  

So, as I sit on my “indoor swing chair” {pictured below}, handcrafted by Russ, I am content. 

We made it {barely} by the first snow.  Other excitement awaits as winter crouches in closer.  I will be parking my new-to-me Dodge 4x4 truck (maroon in color) in our “circle” about 300’ away.  I’ll try and haul in supplies (canned food, staples) before the big snow banks get formed.  
I’ve also been doing fall training with the sled dogs, using the Honda 4-wheeler.  With my petite fiery-never-stops-pulling “Skunk” in single lead, the boys only have to exercise braun and pulling power and a willingness to follow her lead.  {Actually, I wish they had less braun.}  It is my hope that I will use the sled to get around this winter.  We’ll see if the “normalcy” of this takes hold before winter crushes the idea.  But I do have more hope than ever before.  Skunk has matured and shows a level head, eager to take my commands.  Gee {right turn} and Haw {left} now mean something to her and she is eager to please.  With that world opened up, the limits are endless.  I may just head out the driveway and explore.

My world on our “40” has been very busy as of late, I haven’t traveled much out of Mancy.  {See previous post – Mancy in the Middle.}   
Yesterday I missed a wonderful day with my friends.  Applesauce Day  Picture a wood stove-warmed Amish kitchen overflowing with community and family enjoying hot coffee and waiting for kettles of apples to cook down.  The end result is hundreds of jars filled with delicious applesauce, from their own trees.  I was invited to partake, but unable to attend.  Not to worry, as they are holding apples for me.  But it won’t be the same as sharing the day with my Plain friends.   They warm my heart in so many ways, and I've had many a dinner and good conversation in that particular Amish kitchen.  My life and theirs are entwined forever.

Sun is now rising.  I better tend to the wood stove and see what the day holds. 

For now, I’ll go run dogs. 

Until next time friend – Lord willing,