Saturday, December 21, 2013

Amish Musings

It’s hard to believe 2013 has almost flown by.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking stock in 2012, and reminiscing about the special times I spent with friends and family.  And my Amish friends.  So much so, I came up with a “Top 20” list of my most special moments with the Amish people and community.  So, here they are, and in no particular order:

  1. Driving to pick up lambs on a warm summer day with my farm friend, Ellen.  Upon arriving at the farm, Ellen and little Enos literally dove into the little bundles of wool, falling to their knees and embracing them, while father and I smiled at the process, standing at the weigh scale. It was a good, albeit hot, day to catch a half-dozen or so sheep. 

  1. Walking through the vast kitchen garden with a mother and her young children, picking ripe watermelons.  Kids with smiles and dirty bare feet.  Me, with foot ware, marveling at the size of the melons and the hospitality of this cherished family as we loaded a couple melons into my truck.

  1. Being invited, and attending, an Amish church with a local family.  Three hours on a hard bench, surrounded by a sea of head coverings, was truly one of the most joyful days of my life.  (Some day I will detail this blessed day.)

  1. Joining my Amish friend, and her family, for dinner in their home.

  1. Chasing the piglet I let get by me while loading, and watching in awe as an older man became a boy while tackling the 40 # squirming gilt in his strong arms.

  1. In an Amish kitchen, watching my friend remove her head covering and let down her hair, to show me how to do it up in a bun.  I have {finally} mastered the task. 

  1. While driving in a small town, being waved over by an Amish family in their buggy, and seeing the family literally pour out into the street to greet me as I pulled over in my vehicle.  Mother too!

  1. Stopping to watch twin lambs born on my Amish friend’s field.

  1. Sitting in rocking chairs in an Amish home, studying the Bible with my friend and kindred spirit.

  1.  Washing dishes together and chatting endlessly about our different, yet similar lifestyles. 

  1.  Playing ball in the aisle of an Amish store, with a two-year old.

  1. Having a silent prayer before sharing a meal after church.  Feeling the Holy Spirit permeate the building.

  1. Having a young man, a horse trainer, come to our farm and train our horse for draft work.

  1. One of my favorite men of the community stopping by my vehicle on his bike, and talking about Jesus.

  1. Picking up an Amish friend from his place of work.

  1. Young Amish girls, peeking through horses legs and letting out a squeal of delight upon seeing me walk up to their farm.

  1. Dropping off a goat on Christmas Eve to an Amish farm.

  1. Loading up rabbits and three boys to head to the Auction.  Seeing them eat cookies from the tin I brought, and sip hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows) from the thermos, the trio perched on hay bales.

  1. Holding up the freshly killed suckling carcass in a frigid barn, while my Amish friend washes it down.  He nods and smiles, letting me know I am needed.

  1. Driving the snowy country roads with young Amish boys, answering their curiosity questions, such as “How old ARE you?”. 

When 2012 ended, I had no idea my life would connect with this community of faith even more.  Now looking back on 2013, I see where I have stepped closer into this way of life.  I will share those new “Top 20” soon, Lord willing.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Remember…Luke 2


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Tabula Rasa (Blank Slate)

The weeks seem to fly by, don’t they friends?

Thanksgiving is behind us, and the Holy Season awaits.  While joyfully preparing a favorite dish for Thanksgiving dinner, I had my youngest son, Mark, in mind.  I knew he enjoyed it, and would be thankful upon seeing it on the bountiful table.  Just think – Jesus told us He would go and prepare a place for us!  He is making a place that will encompass all we adore!    John 14:2-3 “In My Father’s house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you.  And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself; that where I am, there you may be also.”

Lately, my focus has been on laying up meat for our 15 sled dogs, which requires trips via truck to nearby smokehouses and processors for their prime give-a-ways.  Today was such a trip.  This has been the routine for the last decade, and our thankfulness for these folks can’t begin to be verbalized.  Now, with the end of the rifle (deer) season, our trips will be less and less.  We also butchered our final hog, with processing day looming. 

I’ve dragged our dog sled out in the drive by the cabin, but have yet to hook up dogs.  This year, we are officially “retired” from providing rides to the public and it feels heavenly to have a clear calendar around the Christmas holidays.  Until I know that snow hook will take hold, the sled will sit. 

Since our last season, we have said our last farewell to several dogs in our kennel due to age and/or infirmity.  They were born before 2000 - old dogs, with puppy hearts.  It is always difficult to see a dog reach the end of the trail.  It fills your head with all the glory they experienced as Champions on the race trail.  How ironic that these dogs have seen more wilderness throughout the Midwest and beyond than us, as their owners.  Two of the dogs, Windows and Ranger, were born at Arctic Wind Racing Kennel {Bob and Jan Shaw}.  And one, old-gal Union, originated from the Championship kennel of Andrew and Diane Cesario.  All leaders.  All amazing.  In the early 2000’s they reigned as true Champions on winning teams driven by winning mushers such as Frank Holmberg, and owners, Joann and Larry Fortier who had Windows and Ranger in their Coyote Run Kennel for the main portion of their life.  In their later years, upon coming to us, they ran tours with intense pride, enthusiasm and an air of professionalism.  Many know them.  Many will miss them, as will we.  It’s bittersweet to close the door to a piece of mushing history.  Rest in peace, sweet canine friends.

Black bonnets on Black Friday – what a special way to spend the day!  I headed out early in the morning from our small 40-acre farm to head south – to my favorite Amish community.  I picked up two young women and headed to several Amish-run businesses, via my small 4x4 truck.  As we traveled out into “the world”, how delightful to be with these beautiful young women who were Christ-filled and joyful.  They are like a clean slate – Tabula Rasa.  What a gift.  We had a wonderful time, visiting two more Amish communities and wrapping up the day at a Walmart and Subway.   One of the highlights was seeing adults and children alike from one Amish community head home from a ski/sledding adventure on a local hill, using the horse-drawn wagon to pull gloved skiers, grasping ropes trailing behind the trotting horse.  It truly brought a smile to my face.

I’ll be heading back to my favorite Amish community next week, once again.  This time to assist in canning beef and pork from their recent butcher day.  I’m truly counting the minutes until that adventure.

The rifle season ended without success.  However, we are in a county that has a “late anterless” season from 12/23/13 to January 1.  I may have venison burger yet, Lord willing. 

On a sweet note, our hen “Israel” just came off her broody session with two new chicks today.  This gal hatched 22 chicks for us this past summer.  (8 the first batch, and 14 the second)  That’s a lot of sitting time!  She’s out in our barn, away from the chicken coop.  For a moment Russ talked about bringing the trio in the cabin for the next few week.  I would have complied, but after thinking more about it, we know the chicks are warm huddled under Mama Israel, and she is a good Mama and will protect her young. 

I will leave you with a precious video from a dear friend, Homemaker Ang.   You won’t be sorry you took the time to view these beautiful, unique images.  I’ll write more next week about how ironic it is that us, Homemaker Ang and family, and Terri’s family (as written about HERE) are all on the same page.  What’s going on folks?  What are we getting “ready” for?

Until next time – Lord willing. 

Rejoice!  The King is on His way!


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Russ-Stick Realville

In the last few weeks, we saw our final horse, Raz, head down the driveway to his new home.  Actually, he is “going home” to the place where he was born, a few miles east of us.  Our good friend, who loved him the minute she laid eyes on him as a newborn foal a decade ago, is thrilled beyond words to have him back.  

She still owns his Mama, along with several other horses, some also related to Raz., so he is very well received.  Every ride he has taken off our property has included a visit to this home, so he knows it as second nature.  We sent along his groceries too.  150 bales of hay, so the winter won’t be a burden to our good friends.

As for us…I found this quote tucked within my weekly Amish Newspaper (The Budget), which outlines our life desires to a T.  It is by Wendell W. Price.  There are many activities I must cut out simply because I desire to excel in my pursuit after God and holiness.” 

Will we miss Raz?  Of course.  But I truly believe God brought us to this point, for many reasons.  I must say, I was stunned to see my dear friend, Terri at Our Crazy Farm, was also at this point in her walk.  I think we were saying goodbye to our horses at the same time as she and her family saw their last couple equines leave the farm.  She, too, had horses for many years, with generational ties.  She summed up my feelings upon their departure when she stated “peace dominates the sadness…”.  She added, “These earthly treasures and delights don’t demand our attention like they used to, our satisfaction and joy is sought elsewhere.  We walk along now, after having tasted of glory and eternities nearness, refusing to be comforted by anything short of God Himself.  It’s a strange place to be, to live in this world as if we don’t belong here, strangers and aliens waiting to go home.”  

She goes on to state our feelings, as if snatched from our very thoughts.  See for yourself, HERE.  {Thank you dear Terri, for your ever-comforting words.}

As for our small farm, we still have chickens.  We had two batches hatched this summer, starting on Memorial Day, with the last one in August, with a count of 14 chicks, compliments of our hen, Israel.  What a sight that was!  This summer, we made a new tradition of Sunday dinner being chicken dinner, compliments of our young roosters who morphed into “manhood” throughout the summer.  They go from the outdoor butcher table right into the oven.  Fresh and delicious ~ baked chicken with ‘tators and thick gravy and the trimmin’s.  Next day or so, it’s Chicken Pot Pie with the leftovers.

As for me, my travels to the Amish community have increased tenfold.  (I’ll be leaving again on “Black Friday” to spend the day.)  I have enjoyed so many visits to various homes, being welcomed into the fold by children and adults.  In recent months, I’ve enjoyed road trips with my Amish friend, traveling to other Amish communities.   I’ve been learning about living out a Christ-centered life to the fullest extent (I now wear not only a skirt, but a head covering).  At times, the emotions are so raw, there are tearful conversations as we dig into revelations of the Word, and such. 

Oh friends, I have so much to tell, but hold back.  I couldn’t figure it out until I talked with a dear friend, who also knows the deep roots of the Amish life.  She summed it up with one word.  INTIMATE.  It is too “intimate”.  It’s SO true…to write any facet about my visits, is truly too intimate.  Perhaps someday I can figure out a way to do so.  The Lord will let me know.

As snow continues to fall, my eyes wander to the sled dogs, all 15 of them.  (Zip is in the cabin by the woodstove, with me.)  This is their time.  And they know it.  For us, it will be different, as it is the first year in over a decade that we aren’t open to the public for dog sled rides.  Calls continue to come in.  We have already had to turn away two Boy Scout troops and others.  I feel bad in doing so, but know our musher friends will pick up the slack and provide them with a wonderful experience. 

I have decided I’m going to check in here each week.  I’ve missed you, my friends.  There is so much to talk about, and we must advance the Kingdom, as the Lord tarries.

Until next time, Lord willing,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How we Shelter in Place

The frigid November wind is whipping around our tiny cabin as I settle in on my desktop ‘puter.  It’s ironic how it takes up a huge space in the middle of our 15 x 20 cabin, only to be used as a word processor, with no link to the outside world.  Even though we don’t have Internet, I hear my fingers dance over the keyboard, as thoughts spring forth.  And that feels like I’m connecting. 

Another perk - my backside is sufficiently warmed by the woodstove that sits in the southwest corner, a mere few feet away.  On top sits a 14-cup Wenzel percolator.  A coffee pot, kept warm throughout the day for immediate consumption by any and all.  I poured a cup before sitting down, hoping the warmth would ward off the chill I get from viewing the snowy display outside our front window. 

Speaking of coffee, I just began drinking java this autumn.  It was the weekend of the early doe hunt.  I had been out in the woods for hours, coming home cold and wet from freezing drizzle assaulting my face.  Upon entering our cabin, and smelling fresh brewed hot coffee, I decided right then and there, it was time to start drinking the caramel-colored water.  I have been on this earth for nearly 6 decades and now was the time.  Two months later, and I’m hooked.  However, I doctor it with my Amish-gifted organic sugar, and French Vanilla creamer.  As for that early hunt.  No doe taken, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  No shot fired, but watched one walk away.  Now that we are into rifle season, I’m not seeing any, other than tracks, although I head out morning and evening on most days, spending hours walking and watching in our 40-acre woods. 

While stump sitting last weekend on opening day, I had to smile.  I spend quite a bit of time in our woods, year ‘round.  Therefore, “our” crows are on to me.  They like me, as I like them.  They don’t “rat me out” when I enter the woodlot.  While sitting the other evening at dusk I could hear crows in the area “ratting out” hunters.  At least that is what I figured all the fuss was about, hearing and seeing them all fly miles away.

I suppose I’m not your typical deer hunter.  I grab my 30-30 and head out.  Wearing orange, of course.  (Bought an awesome orange hat at the local Resale last week for a quarter.)  But I don’t sit in a “blind”.  I actually sold 2 Porta-potty poly outhouses this fall during the early hunt to a couple fellas {from downstate} who were going to make them into deer blinds.  As for me, I like to perch myself on a stump.  The other morning I did think to take my “hot seat” for padding, and was glad I did.  (Did I mention I hunt wearing a skirt?  Actually, my Amish-made skirt is a true gift.  Warm and thick.)

As opening day approached, I actually became hesitant about taking a deer.  We had just processed our 500+ pound hog and our freezer is busting out with pork cuts.  But thanks to a seasoned hunter friend (AC Ellen), I was reminded of venison burger, and such.  And the fact the Good Lord told us we are to use the animals for our needs.

We had a good butcher day with our gilt-never-turned-sow hog.  We work in tandem with a  farm friend couple - the guys cut the meat up, with us gals using our Food Saver machines and bags.  When we get to the sausage, we are in the home stretch.  We use AC Leggs seasoning and I truly have tasted none better.  We stop for lunch on butcher days.  This time, it was a venison stew (complete with Morel mushrooms) made by our friends, along with my homemade apple cake (made fresh that morning) for dessert.  By evening, we drive the couple miles home, tired out (but a good tired) knowing we will be eating good over the winter.  The second half of our breeding pair, which never did produce, will be next.  He will be mostly sausage.  (NOTE:  The hams on this girl weighed 35+#’s…huge!) 

Speaking of hogs.  Check out the video outlining the feral swine situation here in Michigan.  I've written about Baker's Green Acres before HERE...having traveled to sit in the courtroom and see it first hand.  This is a preview of the movie yet to come:  {Warning...Not for the lighthearted...}

“Nuff catching up for now.   Please check out Baker's Green Acres videos and website.  They need everyone's support.

In the meantime, if you wish to see what it is going on in our neck of the woods, go to SNOWMAN CAM and see.  Click HERE.  Our good friend, Blueberry Becky, lives just a crow’s fly from this cam and it has recorded “her bear” and other critters for your perusal.

Until next time, Lord willing…if the Lord tarries.



Thursday, August 1, 2013

In A Nutshell

If you’ve stumbled across my Blog, welcome.  If you have been here before, welcome back. 

Those of you who have visited often know “something’s up”.  I have gone from checking in an average of 30 times a month, to 2. 

Honestly, it is God-driven.

There’s no easier way to say it, other than God is doing some pruning in my life, and that of my husband, Russ. 

Almost 3 years ago, Russ and I said a special prayer together, asking the Lord to lead us, as we follow Him.  {To “…take up the Cross”…Luke 9:23}   And he has led us.  He has been faithful, and present for us EVERY day. 

In some ways, it hasn’t been easy to slip into “God’s economy”, where you trust Him for your every need.  But it has been good.  And He has never (and I mean NEVER) failed us. 

Some of you know what I’m talking about.  Blind trust.  To walk by FAITH, not by sight (2 Cor 5:7).  Sometimes it takes BLIND TRUST to get you through a day…an hour…a minute.  But it is amazing to see what He chooses to do with you during that time. 

I have my husband to thank for keeping me from worry.  When things are so financially strapped or we are facing a crisis, my husband asks “…do we have what we need for TODAY?”, to which I reply…yes.  “OK then…give us THIS day, our daily bread.  No need to worry.”  {Side bar:  Did you know that we are told not to worry 365 times in the Bible?  One for every day!}

Additionally, it meant the Enemy (aka the Devil) put us at the top of his chalkboard, with our names underlined, in BOLD.  The Enemy was relentless in trying to oppress us.  We had to call on the name of Jesus to keep him at bay. And it has worked, because the Lord doesn’t lie.  I remember stopping outside and huddling with my husband, our arms around each other, calling on Jesus to protect us from the onslaught of the Enemy. 

So, how did these changes come about over the past couple years?  

We started our pruning with no longer having television, several years back.  (A very wise decision…we no longer allow SIN to come into our home, un-invited, invited, or otherwise.)  We will never view television again.  No DVD's, nada.  Simply, no TV.

Then, we removed the Internet from our farm. 

We do not have a “fancy” phone.  No Internet on there either. 

Radio is our media, and it is honed on the Christian station during the evening. 

Next, my camera went.  This was difficult at first, as I “prided” myself as a photographer, having won several contests in the past and been published in a dozen or so media outlets.  As the year rolled around four seasons without hearing the sound of a shutter release, I knew it was good to be without a camera.  For me, it was taking too high a priority in my life.  {Idols come in many forms...}

In addition, we have reduced our goat herd to zero. 

We have reduced our horses to one.  Raz.  

Funny thing, we spend more time with him (both of us) and he seems happier being by himself.  As you can see by his hefty frame, he spends most of his time eating anyway, as horses should.

Another big change for us…we have “retired” from our dog sledding business.  This winter, for the first time in over a decade, we will have the dogs to ourselves.  I will not be booking appointments and answering the phone and returning emails.  Our website has been taken down, several emails went POOF, LinkedIN, Paypal, tweets have stopped Twittering and more.  (My life is getting simple.…er.)  Upon telling people, they say “where are your dogs?”.  They are here, and will be until they pass from this earth, back into this earth.  We have 19.  That number includes two 15 year olds, and several 14 year olds.  We only have 5 under the age of 7.  In simple terms, our kennel is aging out.  Kinda like us.

So what do we do all day?  We still have pigs (sus domestica, for you DNR folks...).  

We have chickens, with several broody hens who, in their patience and sitting, blessed us with 9 more chicks this summer.  Along with the rooster...couldn't have done it without him.  

And we have our free-ranging rabbits, both adults and several white/black/and gray bunnies skittering about. 

Although we keep very busy each day, our main focus is on our Lord, Jesus Christ.  We rejoice that He is in our life, leading us daily.  We rejoice that Jesus will return…perhaps soon.  We rejoice that we welcome His return, and look forward to being with Him.  We hope others around us will become lovers and followers of Christ, as we are, so they can have an eternity with our triune God.  Until that time, we continue to have our weekly Bible study at our place each Wednesday evening.  We always look forward to meeting in the presence of the Holy Spirit and talking about the Bible, the Living Word, and giving the glory to Him.

One last thing - one thing I haven’t talked about in a while - is my relationship with the Amish community.  My interest in the Amish people spans nearly 30 years. It has grown leaps and bounds in the last year, since I attended an Amish church service last summer.  Since then, I have been meeting regularly with an Amish woman, circa my age, at her home for Bible study.  I met with her yesterday, in fact.  Driving home last evening, clutching a container of freshly-popped warm popcorn she made for my road trip, made me wish I could stay forever, in their world.  I glanced over at the loaf of fresh-made bread sitting on the front seat of my truck, straddling the animal feed bags I had picked up from another Amish friend.  The bread had risen and was baked in her wood cook stove while we sat and visited that afternoon.  But more importantly, I take home the lessons learned during our day of delving into God’s word.  I truly know this friendship, and that of her family, is God-sent.  I treasure it like all my friendships with Plain People.  What I love about being with them is seeing the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance…) played out before my eyes.  Perhaps some day, I will immerse myself even deeper into their way of life, Lord willing.  It will be the Lord’s doing, for both Russ and I.  Right now, I am just following the path before me.  

So, in a nutshell, I plan to take a break from yet another medium in my life.  My Blog.  It’s been coming for some time.  And now is the time to take a much-needed break. 

I hesitate to remove it entirely, like I did my “older Blog”, which showcased our early years on the farm.  Truth is, I poured my heart and soul into those blog posts.  And I miss pulling them up when I desire to check on something.  So this Blog remains.  (For now.) 

Those of you who are also on Facebook have not seen me on there, as I have deactivated my page for a couple months, perhaps forever.  We’ll see where the Lord is leading me…and what He is preparing me for…

So, taking up the cross daily, in addition to this pruning process has been interesting.  {Read John 15}  

How about you…have you made a decision to take up His cross and follow?   I would love to hear your testimony.  

Blessings to all, and enjoy this beautiful summer.


Friday, July 26, 2013

This 'n That (July Musings)

Now that the heat wave is behind us, Autumn feels in front of us.  
It won't be long before we begin to morph into the winter months, 
activity and snow whirling about.   

The dogs will be happy.

If you were to stop by our place on any given day, you'd find the saw mill roaring, 
with Russ at the helm. 

If not the mill, the chain saw.  

Wood is the word these days.

But not before an early morning training session with Raz, each morning,

donned in his harness.

As for me, I carry an extra layer of dog fur on my clothes, 
from brushing out the beautiful Siberians and Alaskans who grace our kennel.

I'm looking forward to fall training {and 40 degree temps}, 
which consists of hooking up a team of dogs to our ATV.

But until then, I will enjoy what the Lord brings us each day.

Our garden blessings, and friends stopping by.

Until next time, dear friends, Lord willing.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Small Town News

Yep, we live in a small town.

One stop light.

No Walmart.

But a place where you can go through the McDonald's Drive-Thru on horseback, 
as our friends did this past Saturday, 
with their covered wagon and on horseback,

on their way to ride at our place, with Russ.

But the big news this past weekend, wasn't in our neck of the woods.  
It was a little further south, with the court hearing of Baker's Green Acres.

I drove down and attended the court hearing, in addition to visiting my Amish friends, 
and coming home with a round bale in the back of the truck.

According to Bakers, there were 230 or so people from 13 states.  

Here's the details, straight from the Bakers.

Go to:  Baker's Green Acres (click on name)

Be sure and keep watch on Baker's website, and their Youtube updates.  

We, as farmers/consumers/Americans, need to follow this case.

Oh, other news.  
I closed my Facebook out for a couple months.  
I did this last year for two months, and then opened it up again.  
It was time to close it (deactivate) it again for a while.  
Or perhaps...forever.  We'll see...I've been battling this for quite some time.
(Idolatry comes in many forms, folks.  Beware...)

Until next time, Lord willing.


P.S.  Terri, from Our Crazy Farm ~ you rock!  A letter will be coming to you soon!  xoxo

Thursday, July 11, 2013

This Little Piggy went to Court

Our piglets, doing what pigs do...

Even if you are not from northern lower Michigan, 
you may have heard about Baker's Green Acres.

Mark and his wife, Jill, have six children.

For the last year, Bakers have fought to keep their pigs from being destroyed.

Tomorrow I will be heading a tad south to a beautiful little lakeside sit in COURT, 
and hear the outcome of this battle.  
The family is facing a fine of $700,000 for keeping their pigs.  

You should be.

Here's the story...take time to hear it.

{Note:  the video above was NOT done by Baker's Green Acres.}

Baker's Green Acres has 60+ videos, many about this case.  
Each one with new details, like this one below.
Once running, click on the title to link to the Baker's Video's on Youtube.
Please folks, take the time to view.

I'll keep you posted, dear friends.  Lord willing.

{A proud pig farmer!}

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bliss Following

My son, 
is the the finals of the Michigan Open today.

It's a long way from shooting golf balls on our 40 acres.

Congrats son.  

All those years (from pre-school age, on) 
of golfing through Michigan's four seasons has paid off.

We're all proud of you~!

Until next time, dear friends.  Lord willing.

Sherry/Proud Mama of Mark

Friday, June 7, 2013

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

It's that time again.  

When we must spray the horses daily to protect them from fly bites.

Here's what we do:

Fill a spray bottle with the following...

1/3 Listerine (must have Lister, not the green mouthwash...)
1/3 Avon "Skin So Soft" original bath oil
1/3 Apple Vinegar

It works for us...and smells great.

What about you horse people?  

Does anyone use this too?  Or do you have another idea?

I'd love to hear it.

Until next time, dear friends.  Lord willing,


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Staying Quiet

I watched a video the other day, and it has haunted me ever since.

It was showing a runaway team at the 
1998 Michigan Great Lakes International Horse Pull in Lansing, Michigan.

Having a horse that is being trained to pull, I know what can happen.

But it wasn't the runaway situation that haunted was the announcer.

The woman on the microphone reminded me of how the Holy Spirit works in my life.

While things are out of control at times, 
He reminds me to STAY QUIET...just like the announcer during the runaway fiasco.

See what you think, as you view the video below.

Does the Holy Spirit speak to you this way?

Until next time, dear friends.  Lord willing.