Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Winter Woes

The last week of snow brought a realization.   
I’m done traveling for the winter.   
Bottom line, I don’t like driving in snow. 


Sounds odd, I know, for someone who lives a rustic life in northern lower Michigan.   
But perhaps that is why.

 I’ve had my share of white-knuckle trips. 

Of bouncing off snowbanks. 

But with that realization of being home bound, my heart is sad. 
For my trips to visit my Amish friends are on hold until spring.

I’ll have to settle for my weekly letters.
 And dream of spring visits. 

Until next time, dear friends.  Lord willing.
P.S.  I've finally, {yes, it has taken months} figured out how to do my Blog effectively (almost) from the local Library.  I will be updating on a normal basis now.  I can't wait to share more stories.  See you soon...Lord willing.


Laura said...

Dear Sherry,

Oh, I am so there with you, girl! I really dread winter driving...the back road of the harbor can be so scary at times. We "hibernate" in the woods...thankful for the cook stove...waiting patiently for spring!

Maine has yet to see its first big snowfall of the was in the 50s!

Sweet blessings,

Marcia said...

Looking forward to hearing from you more often :-)♥!

Dicky Bird said...

I can't wait to hear more stories too. I know I hate driving here too. When I was younger, I would plow through, I just stay home. :)