Friday, July 26, 2013

This 'n That (July Musings)

Now that the heat wave is behind us, Autumn feels in front of us.  
It won't be long before we begin to morph into the winter months, 
activity and snow whirling about.   

The dogs will be happy.

If you were to stop by our place on any given day, you'd find the saw mill roaring, 
with Russ at the helm. 

If not the mill, the chain saw.  

Wood is the word these days.

But not before an early morning training session with Raz, each morning,

donned in his harness.

As for me, I carry an extra layer of dog fur on my clothes, 
from brushing out the beautiful Siberians and Alaskans who grace our kennel.

I'm looking forward to fall training {and 40 degree temps}, 
which consists of hooking up a team of dogs to our ATV.

But until then, I will enjoy what the Lord brings us each day.

Our garden blessings, and friends stopping by.

Until next time, dear friends, Lord willing.


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