Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How we Shelter in Place

The frigid November wind is whipping around our tiny cabin as I settle in on my desktop ‘puter.  It’s ironic how it takes up a huge space in the middle of our 15 x 20 cabin, only to be used as a word processor, with no link to the outside world.  Even though we don’t have Internet, I hear my fingers dance over the keyboard, as thoughts spring forth.  And that feels like I’m connecting. 

Another perk - my backside is sufficiently warmed by the woodstove that sits in the southwest corner, a mere few feet away.  On top sits a 14-cup Wenzel percolator.  A coffee pot, kept warm throughout the day for immediate consumption by any and all.  I poured a cup before sitting down, hoping the warmth would ward off the chill I get from viewing the snowy display outside our front window. 

Speaking of coffee, I just began drinking java this autumn.  It was the weekend of the early doe hunt.  I had been out in the woods for hours, coming home cold and wet from freezing drizzle assaulting my face.  Upon entering our cabin, and smelling fresh brewed hot coffee, I decided right then and there, it was time to start drinking the caramel-colored water.  I have been on this earth for nearly 6 decades and now was the time.  Two months later, and I’m hooked.  However, I doctor it with my Amish-gifted organic sugar, and French Vanilla creamer.  As for that early hunt.  No doe taken, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  No shot fired, but watched one walk away.  Now that we are into rifle season, I’m not seeing any, other than tracks, although I head out morning and evening on most days, spending hours walking and watching in our 40-acre woods. 

While stump sitting last weekend on opening day, I had to smile.  I spend quite a bit of time in our woods, year ‘round.  Therefore, “our” crows are on to me.  They like me, as I like them.  They don’t “rat me out” when I enter the woodlot.  While sitting the other evening at dusk I could hear crows in the area “ratting out” hunters.  At least that is what I figured all the fuss was about, hearing and seeing them all fly miles away.

I suppose I’m not your typical deer hunter.  I grab my 30-30 and head out.  Wearing orange, of course.  (Bought an awesome orange hat at the local Resale last week for a quarter.)  But I don’t sit in a “blind”.  I actually sold 2 Porta-potty poly outhouses this fall during the early hunt to a couple fellas {from downstate} who were going to make them into deer blinds.  As for me, I like to perch myself on a stump.  The other morning I did think to take my “hot seat” for padding, and was glad I did.  (Did I mention I hunt wearing a skirt?  Actually, my Amish-made skirt is a true gift.  Warm and thick.)

As opening day approached, I actually became hesitant about taking a deer.  We had just processed our 500+ pound hog and our freezer is busting out with pork cuts.  But thanks to a seasoned hunter friend (AC Ellen), I was reminded of venison burger, and such.  And the fact the Good Lord told us we are to use the animals for our needs.

We had a good butcher day with our gilt-never-turned-sow hog.  We work in tandem with a  farm friend couple - the guys cut the meat up, with us gals using our Food Saver machines and bags.  When we get to the sausage, we are in the home stretch.  We use AC Leggs seasoning and I truly have tasted none better.  We stop for lunch on butcher days.  This time, it was a venison stew (complete with Morel mushrooms) made by our friends, along with my homemade apple cake (made fresh that morning) for dessert.  By evening, we drive the couple miles home, tired out (but a good tired) knowing we will be eating good over the winter.  The second half of our breeding pair, which never did produce, will be next.  He will be mostly sausage.  (NOTE:  The hams on this girl weighed 35+#’s…huge!) 

Speaking of hogs.  Check out the video outlining the feral swine situation here in Michigan.  I've written about Baker's Green Acres before HERE...having traveled to sit in the courtroom and see it first hand.  This is a preview of the movie yet to come:  {Warning...Not for the lighthearted...}

“Nuff catching up for now.   Please check out Baker's Green Acres videos and website.  They need everyone's support.

In the meantime, if you wish to see what it is going on in our neck of the woods, go to SNOWMAN CAM and see.  Click HERE.  Our good friend, Blueberry Becky, lives just a crow’s fly from this cam and it has recorded “her bear” and other critters for your perusal.

Until next time, Lord willing…if the Lord tarries.




Dicky Bird said...

My brother-in-law's brother has Russian hogs - he kept his - he is involved in this fight! This is terrible, unconstitutional and if not stopped with these hogs - what will be next?

Sherry Sutherby http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/ said...

Wow...small world Dicky Bird! Keep us posted!