Saturday, December 21, 2013

Amish Musings

It’s hard to believe 2013 has almost flown by.  It seems like just yesterday I was taking stock in 2012, and reminiscing about the special times I spent with friends and family.  And my Amish friends.  So much so, I came up with a “Top 20” list of my most special moments with the Amish people and community.  So, here they are, and in no particular order:

  1. Driving to pick up lambs on a warm summer day with my farm friend, Ellen.  Upon arriving at the farm, Ellen and little Enos literally dove into the little bundles of wool, falling to their knees and embracing them, while father and I smiled at the process, standing at the weigh scale. It was a good, albeit hot, day to catch a half-dozen or so sheep. 

  1. Walking through the vast kitchen garden with a mother and her young children, picking ripe watermelons.  Kids with smiles and dirty bare feet.  Me, with foot ware, marveling at the size of the melons and the hospitality of this cherished family as we loaded a couple melons into my truck.

  1. Being invited, and attending, an Amish church with a local family.  Three hours on a hard bench, surrounded by a sea of head coverings, was truly one of the most joyful days of my life.  (Some day I will detail this blessed day.)

  1. Joining my Amish friend, and her family, for dinner in their home.

  1. Chasing the piglet I let get by me while loading, and watching in awe as an older man became a boy while tackling the 40 # squirming gilt in his strong arms.

  1. In an Amish kitchen, watching my friend remove her head covering and let down her hair, to show me how to do it up in a bun.  I have {finally} mastered the task. 

  1. While driving in a small town, being waved over by an Amish family in their buggy, and seeing the family literally pour out into the street to greet me as I pulled over in my vehicle.  Mother too!

  1. Stopping to watch twin lambs born on my Amish friend’s field.

  1. Sitting in rocking chairs in an Amish home, studying the Bible with my friend and kindred spirit.

  1.  Washing dishes together and chatting endlessly about our different, yet similar lifestyles. 

  1.  Playing ball in the aisle of an Amish store, with a two-year old.

  1. Having a silent prayer before sharing a meal after church.  Feeling the Holy Spirit permeate the building.

  1. Having a young man, a horse trainer, come to our farm and train our horse for draft work.

  1. One of my favorite men of the community stopping by my vehicle on his bike, and talking about Jesus.

  1. Picking up an Amish friend from his place of work.

  1. Young Amish girls, peeking through horses legs and letting out a squeal of delight upon seeing me walk up to their farm.

  1. Dropping off a goat on Christmas Eve to an Amish farm.

  1. Loading up rabbits and three boys to head to the Auction.  Seeing them eat cookies from the tin I brought, and sip hot chocolate (complete with marshmallows) from the thermos, the trio perched on hay bales.

  1. Holding up the freshly killed suckling carcass in a frigid barn, while my Amish friend washes it down.  He nods and smiles, letting me know I am needed.

  1. Driving the snowy country roads with young Amish boys, answering their curiosity questions, such as “How old ARE you?”. 

When 2012 ended, I had no idea my life would connect with this community of faith even more.  Now looking back on 2013, I see where I have stepped closer into this way of life.  I will share those new “Top 20” soon, Lord willing.

Merry Christmas everyone.

Remember…Luke 2


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Simply Shelley said...

Sounds like some wonderful times...Merry Christmas dear friend