Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Nine-Step Cabin

I won’t kid you.  This past week was rough.  Lots of snow, and lots of cold.  Bitter cold.  It’s not like I didn’t expect it this winter.  Every winter we hit a wall, and go into what we call “survival mode”.  But this year it hit early.  And keeps hitting.  These –25 mornings are getting to be all too common.  

Living the way we do, we have to thank the Lord for the little things:  a roof over your head (no leaks), a working woodstove, wood to put in that woodstove, running water, electricity that rarely goes out, 3 freezers (for both us and the sled dogs) teeming with good meat and vegetables, and a spouse that is easy to live with/communicates and entertains.  Come to think of it, those are big things.  And we should all take a moment to thank the Lord for all those provisions.  For they are His, not ours…  He could take them away in an instant.  Each and every one of them. 

This past week was cold.  There were some days I didn’t venture out – it was enough just watching my hubby, Russ, bundled up from head to toe, tending to the animals with feed, bedding, and water while snow blew about in blizzard form.  Although our small cabin is only 9 steps from end to end (15 x 20), on those cold days I don my big moon-boot type arctic {rated –100} boots and tend to stay within 3 feet of the woodstove.  When a venture a step or two away, it is when I’m cooking or baking, {which is daily for both}.  Or sleeping.  Or traveling out back to the outhouse.  It’s not so bad.  I always have good books at my disposal.  My Bible stays within reach now.  It wasn’t always that way, but each day the desire to know His word increases tenfold. 

I find such joy in the birds who visit their filled feeders.  We have several types of woodpeckers now.  Pileated Woody has made an appearance several times – each time leaving us in awe.  He’s so calm, not even seeming to mind our gawking and talking in whispers as we get as close to him as possible. 

God has done a lot in the last year with us.  We have stripped down more and more, leaving our life exposed for His purpose.  Apostle Paul stated:  “Yet indeed I also count all things loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain Christ” (Phil. 3:8).  When we take up the Cross and follow Jesus, we better be prepared to lose it all.  As for me, I am honored to live a life that is totally in God’s plan and economy.  If someone had told me 20 years ago that I could live on a small amount of money (which falls into today’s poverty levels) arriving only once monthly, I would have never believed it.  I always had a steady paycheck (or two) and was reckless with my stewardship.  Now, I look forward to seeing God’s blessings.  He has never, ever, EVER, let us down.  We have so much in abundance.  Less is more, folks.  Pray that your heart accepts this concept, for “Whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple”, says the Lord (Luke 14:33). 

Today (Saturday) was a good one.  I visited my local Library to check in with folks on the Internet.  Then I chatted with the Librarian before heading out to the local Laundromat/Resale spot.  The folks who work the resale always have an abundance of food in their little kitchen, with smells wafting through the resale.  Today they were eating a homemade savory Beef Stew.  The aroma was tantalizing, and I was offered a bowl.  I smiled and declined, thinking to myself, only in a small town.  Later, while my clothes were drying, I joined in a conversation with two Godly men, one who had a Bible in hand, and we worshiped the Lord in front of the tumbling dryer for nearly an hour.  Again, only in a small town

Upon coming home, I quickly changed from my “town skirt” into my thick choring skirt, made by my Amish friend.  After doing chores in the dog yard, I removed one of the residents, Skunk-dog, and headed down our long drive with Zip in tow, running loose, as they do.  Skunk made the mistake of sailing over a 5’ snow bank and getting bogged down with no base in sight.  Just 100” of fluff.  She struggled several times to find an alternative route out of the edge of the woods.  It was a comical sight, and surprised her, and me.  Zip was smart and stayed on the flats. 

Sunday we visited our farm friend, Ellen, and checked out her very pregnant sow.  What a beauty.  I’m giddy in awaiting the winter litter.  We aren’t wintering pigs, so I’m excited for spring, to add new little ones for the summer/fall months. 

We have a new excitement.  Our large smoky black dog with brown feet “Doc” is working on being a farm dog.  {He’s been a sled dog for us the last year, having been raised by our friend Ellen the first half of his 3 years.}  He’s doing stellar so far.  Such a beautiful wolfy looking dog, with a good head.  As he stands regally atop the snowbank outside our cabin, he reminds me of me…always looking.  Ever aware.  He’s watching for Russ moving about our 40 acres.  Me?  I’m watching for His return.  It feels imminent.  Does it to you?

Until next time, Lord willing, dear friend.  Rejoice!  The King is on His way~!


P.S.  Last night our friend Ellen's piglets were born - 13 in all!


Simply Shelley said...

Sounds much like my small town...although there are so many miles between.....I reckon they are in a sense all the same :) You are so right...God is so good...we truly all have so much more than we truly need. I have weeded so much stuff from my home over the last couple of years,and still I feel the need to weed more and more...God is alive in so many like minded souls...I see it all over,and I too believe he is coming soon.....blessings friend

Dicky Bird said...

Yes, I am looking forward for his return - praying for loved ones and the lost to return to Him. We have little time - just look at what is going on in our world. I am glad you find peace and contentment not only in Him but in your small town. I have to pray more of you Lord less of me - to keep my spirit in check. We are such flawed beings - why God loves us is beyond me! 13 piglets - what fun. Is there anything cutier than that! Kiss a snout for me! Really...Blessings from Ringle, WI.