Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Morning After the Storm

I love the morning after a snow storm.  All is quiet.  Life is renewed.

Today there is a 90% chance of snow, temps below 20.  Perfect weather for running dogs, which is just what we will be doing in less than two hours. 

The winds have died down so I can load the woodstove without fear of it "taking off".  Wintertime brings so many worries that summertime lacks.

We are also keeping a close watch on our new cow, Duchess.  Today she may deliver a calf.  We were unaware when purchasing her last week so this is a new concept to consider, among our many other chores and tasks. 

The excitement of a new calf is mingled with caution, as she is a first-time heifer.  The unknown awaits.

Our main cow, Dixie, never had any problems.  We raised her as a baby and waited nine long months for that first calf to arrive. 

She has delivered two fine calves with ease.  D2 and Luna. 

We will hope for this same outcome with Duchess.

May your day be full of God's wonder...

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