Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Snowy Solstice

Yesterday, the earth tilted, and the sun stood still.  Winter Solstice has come and gone for 2009. 

Another milestone completed.

Life at our place continued on ~ no interruptions.

Russ, and friend Pat, retrieved our two new heifers from up near the Mighty Mac and returned them safely to our awaiting bull.  Life is good.  For us, and Dexter's Double Dippin' Dudley the Studley.  If you squint, you can even see him smile.

Yes, life is good.

My ride to work was beautiful as usual.  Serene.  Pristine.

Until I came across a lady who landed in the ditch due to snowy, solstice roads.  Perhaps it was the tilt of the earth that landed her there.  That would be my excuse.  She was fine.  She was standing by her vehicle, gloveless, hatless, cigarette in hand, pondering her next move.  She hopped in with me and I drove her to a relative's home. 

Typical day in northern lower Michigan.

A couple weeks ago, I was driving home, excited to get back to my farm, hubby and critters.

I spotted a beautiful horse, a Paint with flowing mane and tail, trotting with pride perpendicular to the country road I was traveling.  He was next to some other horses, but appeared to be traveling a tad too fast to stop at the fence.  He didn't.  Because there was no fence.  He was loose.  Out into the road he shot.  I quickly braked, but also swung out and hogged the road, as a car behind me, not having seen the horse, was attempting to pass.  The beautiful boy was trotting proudly down the centerline, away from the barn and his equine friends.  When all was safe, I pulled to the side of the road, tossed my keys (a move I would later regret), and started calling for the horse.  "Here boy...come on...Here boy...".  Amazingly, he turned, snorted, and came flying back my way, heading straight for me at a dead run.  My mind froze with "Stallion?... or Gelding?".  Now what?  Duck, run?  I stood still as he flew past me, back up to see his stable mates who occupied a fenced area next to his.  He didn't hesitate.  He flew up the fence line and ducked into the open gate, and trotted to the shared fence to nuzzle his buddies.  I ran up, shut his gate and all was good.   The caretaker came out of the barn with a bucket of grain and I explained to him it wasn't needed ~ his boy was back home.

Typical drive home.  I wonder what today will bring...

Winter Solstice or not, life is good at Russ-Stick Acres.


goatldi said...

Life in the horse lane is faster than life in the goat lane right now. Altho my drive to work in the past has been beautiful I don't believe it was ever that exciting!

small farm girl said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I seen you became a follower and I thought I would check out your blog. WOW! Great pictures and good stories. I couldn't resist, I had to follow yours too. I have always thought dog sledding was so interesting. I just don't know that much about it.

Looks like you got a lot of snow up there, so be careful and watch for galloping horses. lol