Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring Round Up

When most of us are kicking up our heels, celebrating spring...

This gal has a job to do.

Actually, two of our Buff Orphingtons are sitting on nests filled to the brim with eggs.

Those tiny chicks and their Mama's will be the beginning flock for our new little farm spot,
located right next to our Wee House.

This will provide a nice site for public viewing during our Farm Market.

Stay tuned...there's all kinds of exciting changes blowin' in the wind.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


Mrs. T said...

It sure looks nice to see everything greening up. Maybe when your Farm Market customers see the new chicks, it will inspire them to raise some for themselves! I pray that God's blessing will be upon your new venture ~smile~.

John Gray said...

lovely blog
many thanks