Thursday, April 29, 2010

Turkey Trouble

Our resident turkeys were grateful for my "outhouse trek" interruption earlier this morning.

A lone coyote was making a selection as I interceded, merely with my presence.

I watched the long-legged intruder for several minutes, in the 27 degree temp, sans coat.

I love watching Canis Latrans move...their gate...their confidence.

He respected me and ditched his efforts.

He and I exchanged glances as he slipped into the pines to the north.

Good way to start the day...saving a life or two.


Connie said...

Am so glad the coyote was deterred before chomping down on your turkey.

Mrs. T said...

That's pretty scary! We have coyotes, too, here in southern Ontario. Maybe you could start carrying a big stick with you to the outhouse! So glad everything turned out okay--the turkeys have lived to see another day ~smile~.