Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amish Acuity

When I first began being “...out among the Amish”, I was like a giddy teenage girl heading to the Prom.

I’d gasp, and at the same time let out a shrill scream, followed by giggles and “oh my gosh, OH My GOSH, the buggy is coming this WAY!!!”.

Now, I’m silent.

OK, maybe not silent.

Oh sure, you might hear me say “There’s a buggy…up ahead.”

Or, “Amazing…look at the young boy driving those horses.”

But it is different now.

I used to live “out among the English”.

However, in the last decade, I traded the fast-paced world of consumerism for a simple existence, on "our 40".

For years I watched, and admired the Amish. Then a world of dog mushing and living with Siberians, Alaskans, and farm animals presented itself to me.

It was the perfect blend.

Yoked with the perfect husband.

Before I knew it, I was stepping back. Way back.

And now, when I see the Amish, like at the recent Amish Auction, I simply nod.

A knowing nod.

One that says, I, too, understand.

Simple, plain, and Godly.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,


Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos and story! You truly understand the way of the Amish.

small farm girl said...

I would really like to get there.

Connie said...

So happy that you have a found a way that pleases you.

Marmee's Pantry said...

We have Old Order German Baptists in our area, they live & dress just like the Amish. I need to ask them sometime what the differences are between them. Tuesday a.m. I was taking a friend w/me to the farm stores I shop at & they were having a 'foot-washin'' at their Meeting least 50 buggies & littles running around bare-footed in their head coverings & straw hats...& me...W/O MY CAMERA! Argh!

Blessings from Ohio....