Thursday, May 27, 2010

Small Town Store

Every small town has one.

A small town store.

Where life is slow and easy.

And dogs are free to roam.

And say hello...

And goodbye.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing and long live the small town,


Marmee's Pantry said...

AMEN~! I shop at our small-town/farm stores as often as possible & have blogged about my favorite farm stores.

LOVE those dogs! lol

Blessings from a small town in Ohio...Kim<><

Connie said...

They and the schools are the backbones of our little towns. It is so hard for them to stay open - always good to see another one that is still making it.

zasra said...

I would move to a small town in a second .... just need to convince my hubby .

Maybe our kids & dogs will convince them one of these days... it is important to have dreams , right? :)

zasra said...

I just need to add, that your pictures draw me in , makes me long to move to Michigan.... to have a 10 acre or so little spread .... room for the kids, dogs, a goat or two... :) Thank you for your words and pictures!

The Thundering Herd said...

Ours has a bench out front that the "senior" gentlemen sit on, greet you, and swap stories. The sign painted on the bench? Liar's Bench. Cracks me up every time.

Sherry and Russ Sutherby said...

I, too, love to hear these small town stories. We have to hold on folks...and not let the ways of the past slip away.

Sherry and Russ Sutherby said...

Zasra ~ thank you for the kind words. Northern Michigan is indeed beautiful, but there is beauty everywhere, in the smallest of settings. Good luck on your quest for a life one step closer to nature. :) (P.S. There is a lot of acreage for sale up here...:)