Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturdays at RSA

No better way to spend a Saturday morning...

than at a local farm, our farm, doing what people enjoy doing~!

Pony rides ~ being led by other farm folks ~ Pat and Deb.

Farm kids...at home where there's horses.

Seeing Doggie Bling...from Pawsh Companions under the tent.

And other flea market items...in addition to seasonal produce and Amish quilts.

First up ~ dog carting/biking/scooter demos~!

Although we don't allow dogs at our place,

due to the ongoing safety of our free-ranging bunnies...

We featured a handful of elite dog drivers of northern Michigan, during our first Saturday market.

Joy Cowles and her Bellaire Berner's ~ O'Lee and HunyB.


Francie Dorman, with one of her handful of dogs, India.

In addition to Mandy Palmer...who also happens to own Pawsh Companions.

and Mi-mi.

Farm folks.  Dog folks.  Saturday mornings = fun.

A huge thanks to everyone who came out for our first gathering.

Until tomorrow ~ and next time ~ God willing,


small farm girl said...

Where can I get one of those carts?! My St. Bernard would LOVE to pull those. lol

Sherry and Russ Sutherby said...

I bet your St. Bernard would like that new task. ;) You can catch me at www.russ-stickacres.com (use contact feature) and I'll connect you via email with a gal who has more knowledge about the cart acquisition process. ;)