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Sunday, July 17, 2011

There's a Fox in the Henhouse

Fox Mulder that is...

I named our young rooster Fox, since one of his flock is named Agent Scully.
You X-Files fans will recognize this...

Actually last year, I thought he was a she.
He was born hatched here, just last summer.

Click here for the Blog about this young chick's start in life.

 It's hard to believe that little chick, turned into this beautiful rooster.

And now, he returned to his birthing hatching grounds with his own flock. 

Nine (9) beautiful hens,
who lay gorgeous eggs for us each and every day.

Side bar:  We actually have two other flocks also...with a total of 4 roosters on site.
Other roosters are: 
DiNozzo, Stewie, and Charlie Sheen (yes, he looks JUST like him...seriously!)

Until tomorrow, God willing.


Cheyenne said...

What is it about chickens.Love them or hate them, they are one of natures little food stocks! We used to be egg producers.

Glad they went, so much hard work!

John Gray said...

a lovely cockerel to be sure

Sherri B. said...

Fox is a very handsome rooster indeed, he looks a lot like our 'Brooster' the Rooster who takes very good care of his ladies.

Jane said...

Well you cant tease us with Charlie Sheen and not show us Charlie Sheen ;) Fox is very handsome. But will his and Scully's chicks be a super soldier? I loved that show, can you tell.

Josh said...

Good Evening Mrs. Sutherby,

What a beautiful rooster you have. I love the third photo of Fox, the one with his eye wide opened...he looks really surprised! :) I love chickens. Thank you for sharing.

God Bless,

Sherry Sutherby http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/ said...

Thanks everyone...LOL...chickens are a hoot. Yes, I'll have to show you Charlie Sheen. He travels with Berta too... I'll try and get him to stop long enough to get on camera. :~)

Saloma Furlong said...

I cannot see the spurs on this rooster... hope he's friendly. I had some not-so-good experiences as a child with roosters and spurs.

Blessings to you...


Sue said...

Wow-he's gorgeous!

Sherry Sutherby http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/ said...

Thanks ladies. Saloma, he's very friendly, as are our other 3. No issues. Although I know of what you speak. Our first rooster was a chaser...he would attack everyone. I had to be on alert on the way to and from the outhouse, the grill, the clothesline...you get the drift.

Patty said...

That is one GORGEOUS bird. God is am amazing artist! I want to see Charlie Sheen. :)

Sherry Sutherby http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/ said...

I'll work on the Charlie Sheen photos. It will be interesting, as his "actions" are what mirror CS...hopefully I can capture it! :)

pilgrimscottage said...

How amazing! That such a tiny chick would grow into such a handsome rooster. He reminds me a little of my Big Red.

goatldi said...

What a HUNK!