Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Amish School Begins

When visiting an Amish family last Friday,
my friend Ellen and I arrived at 10 in the morning to find mother,
sitting by their corner desk,
sewing by hand.

Spools of dark blue thread were near,
as she worked on sewing a dark blue dress for her young daughter Susan,
who giggled and grinned at the prospect of school starting this Monday.

Little Anna was excited too, because her birthday is today, the second day of school.  She turns 7.

The children were excited to start...  

And Mary will be home alone during the day, without little ones, for the first time ever.

The children,
all five of them,
will be taking a "double team" of horses to the school,
3 miles away.

Lunch pails in hand.  Horses tied nearby, waiting for the trip home.

Fall is right around the corner my friends.

Until tomorrow, God willing.


Sue said...

Fall is indeed near....on the way to Gaylord this morning, we saw quite a few of the maples starting to get tinges of orange on some of their tips.

Beautiful photos, by the way!

Dreaming said...

Amish schools intrigue me. I just found out that they use their own curriculum (duh...I shoulda figured that one out!) and that they don't take money from the state. Again... how ignorant of me not to put that all together!
Thanks for the snapshots of Amish life!

Farmchick said...

Great shots of the Amish. I also really love the last shot.

Flora said...

So cool! We visited Amish schools in the fall of 2006 in Lancaster County..just loved the area and the people.