Monday, August 22, 2011

Simply Abide - Sitting at His Feet

Most folks believe we live a slow life.
But, even for us, life gets too fast.

However, these past five days, we have toned it down a notch, 
to simply enjoy our time with young Jordan, who came back for an extended weekend visit.

These past five days, 
young Jordan has hit cans with his BB gun on our range (he has a good eye), 
driven the tractor (and even operated the front-end loader), 
loved on the sled dogs (and they loved back x 10), 
and picked tons of ripened blackberries (and filled his belly too!)

He also camped out (at the Bear's Den), 
made wood crafts (a drum, complete with head), 
hauled hay from a neighboring farm, 
assisted in training a newbie draft horse (my next Blog to come...)
spotted deer (twice!), 
and has eaten everything in sight, as well he should, as he is a growing boy.

That's the short list.

He will be 13 on the 13th.  
A true milestone in the life of a young man.
A young man who is firming up who he is in life.  
Who he will be.

But for now, he is just happy to enjoy each moment of each day.
And be a joy to us, during his visits.

Truth is, Jordan keeps us young...
and competitive, 
as evidenced by our blackberry pickin's.

But in the end, it is as it should be.
Papa Bear's pickin's are the largest.
Then Mama Bear.
Then Baby Bear.
But it could be that Baby Bear ate most of his along the way.  

Until tomorrow, God willing.  
Stop please.
Think about that phrase.  
God willing, as spoke by Paul in Romans 1:10.
It is by the grace of God that each of us will be here tomorrow.  
With that knowledge, don't run about and try to accomplish much.  
But instead, just sit at His feet.  
And abide.  
Simply abide.  
For the desire of Jesus is for you to put Him first.  
Have you put Him first today?
I'd love to hear from you.


Dicky Bird said...

When I was younger, my Mom use to always say...God willing. I would want to do something or go somewhere and she would always say...we will see, God willing. I use to get so mad because my young mind couldn't wrap around why God wouldn't "let" me do something. Or that He was telling her that I couldn't. Funny how a kid's mind thinks. Now, I say God willing with the understanding that without His will - we wouldn't even be. Blessings from WI.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you for sharing this sweet sentiment DB~! I think I always say Lord willing, but when I write, it is God willing. But either way, it is His will, not ours! :~)

kare said...

It's all a matter of trust isn't it?
...knowing that God does in fact know what is best for us and trusting His lead for the small things as well as the breath of air we need.

Thank you for this wonderfull Blog i find such inspiration here.
It's a great remedy for the claustrophobia of living in a Sardine can;>
God Bless You!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Aaahh! Such a peaceful post Sherry. . . My top priority of every day is to abide in Him, too. Still praying for Jordan:))

Those blackberries look yummy!

Mary Ann said...

Another wonderful post, and just when I needed it, Sherry. I love the new header.

John said...

What a great post. How wonderful you take the time. How lucky you all are to be mutually rewarded and blessed. It really makes one stop and think just what individual's today are striving for. All the gold in the world could not provide such a return, not even close.

"Simply abide - Sitting at His feet" > Simply and whole-heartedly following His lead in every word, action, thought, or deed while giving thanks for all with which we are blessed.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you everyone - for prayers, for affirmation, and as John pointed out, living in God's economy...not ours.