Monday, January 30, 2012

Blight Blog - letting true grit come to light

It's been a little over a year since I retired {early} from working with
the State of Michigan.  

Here's the scoop...Intro...Click HERE.

And surprisingly, or not, it's taken me a year to adjust. 
I've let life take me for a stroll, just wondering where it would all lead.  
Sure, Russ and I plan, daily in fact.
But, we rarely plan for anything off our 40 acres. 


No need to. 

Now I want to share that information with you, the reader, and faithful follower.

Stay tuned as I spell out how we actually do live...without:

A stove.
A refrigerator.
A kitchen table.
No hangers for clothes ~ only one nail.
Not shopping for clothes except at resales.
The list is long...

And what we live with...
Raising our own meat.
Harvesting Maple Syrup.
Living with outhouses.
Using horse and dog power.
Constructing every building on our 40 acres, including furniture within, and out.

Starting a "House Church" on site.

In other words, it's time to talk "turkey".


I always said I wanted to do a "Blight Blog", and now is the time.

 I told some folks who were here for a dogsled ride this weekend
to not let money stand in the way of their dreams.  

It's truly not an issue when you live in "God's Economy".  

I'm excited to bring our life to you, in a whole new way.
Right now my fingers (and feet) are freezing as I've been in our little 38 degree building, 
the Wee House,
waiting for the fire to warm it up.  
It has, but my fingers are cold, even at 42 degrees.  
I was too tired last night from being out in the snow all day, 
and never made it up to put more wood on the fire to last the night.  
Thank you God for letting it be above freezing.

With Jesus at the top of your list, you will survive anything this world throws at you.

I'll be back...
I'm off to the local friendly Post Office to mail out not 1, but 2, books sold this past weekend.

Check out my Amazon store if you wish,
and see a great variety of outdoor books,
and then some.

Michigan Woodswoman Amazon Store

Until next time, dear friends, God willing.


Shelley said...

I am eager to read more....that is a beautiful neighbor has a white one but,he is far from pretty...he is quite a sight to behold...but,a friendly pet all the same...she will in no way make a meal of him :) Blessings on your week

Shelley said...

I meant to neighbor daughter...she lives just down my driveway :)

Happyone said...

You must be very special people to live this way.
I look forward to reading all about it. : )

Sherry Sutherby said...

Shelley ~ that is a summer pic of one of the many wild turkeys who live on our land, so no pet. No dinner either. :~) Happyone ~, not special. But we enjoy living simply and recycling what others discard. Thanks for stopping by. :~)

OurCrazyFarm said...

I can't wait to "read all about it" Sherry!

Brenda@MyBackyardFarmyard said...

I will love reading about how you live your off grid life! That is our plan, too.