Thursday, November 18, 2010

1/3 Living (Intro)

The time has come. 

All the cliche's are coming to life...put your money where your mouth is...Follow your can't take it with you

It's time to get real.  It's time to live raw.  Closer to nature than we have ever been before.  Eating what we produce, raise or hunt.  Experiencing horse travel in summer and dog travel in winter.  Living frugal, minimal and mindful.

Ever since I submitted my early retirement, it feels like I'm swimming up stream.  Most folks would love to have my State government job.  Good benefits and more.  So why would I give up a good-paying stable job, to live on 1/3  of our current income?  Simple.  Freedom.

We've been living "simply" for quite some time now.  Nearly a decade.  Our main cabin is 15 x 20.  We don't sport a kitchen table.  We have managed without a fridge, or a stove.  No T.V. coverage.  No indoor bathroom. 

However, we do have a wood stove, from which all our heat emanates.  No back up. 

We have a few solar lights and fence chargers for our livestock. 

Between the two of us we have managed with one vehicle for years.  One cell phone, that we rarely use. 

So now, we are moving even further away from consumerism.  From the conveniences of modern day life.  Am I scared?  In a word, no.  I'm excited.  For quite some time I've felt that a simpler life also means less money.  And vice versa.  Take a closer look at those man-made greenbacks...In God We Trust.  And truthfully, it's not our money to begin with.  It is His.

This will truly be a challenge.  To live mindfully.  To cherish and honor each simple task, each day.  To put our lives in God's hands.

Follow along.  It's going to be quite the journey.  1/3 living...

For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? 
Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? 
Matthew 16:26


Mumsie said...

How I envy your *freedom*! ~In a good way ;o). We are not in a place to purposely pursue such a lifestyle right now,or even like Ang & Matt off-grid). We have our own circumstances, mostly hubbies health issues. But we did live that way when kids were very and very little money. The stories of how God provided for us... I sometimes long for those days!We are now journeying towards total freedom from debt and learning to live on 1/2 income. God has again proven to be so very faithful...we are ahead of schedule and, Lord willing, will be d ebt free by June 2011. I will be praying for your journey! Blessings!

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you Caryl...:) You, Ang/Matt, we all hold each other up in our quest for a better, simpler life. Thank you for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck and enjoy every minute of your new freedom!

Farmchick said...

Very interesting! I hope you will continue to blog about this journey.

Grace said...

Good luck with your new journey. I envy your freedom. God Bless.