Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sap Camp

It's truly here...


As evidenced by "sled dog" Skunk enjoying a run on the disappearing snow.

And Skunk and Zip enjoyed walking {and running} through our 40 acres to our "sap camp".

It was the first visit for young Skunk dog.  She enjoyed the sweet smell of sap.

We figured we'd visit, as hubby Russ is practically living near the boiling sap throughout the daylight hours.

One must be ever watchful as it boils into Maple Syrup.

We love feeling the warmth come on to the land. 

And so do the dogs...

Until tomorrow, dear friends, God willing.



Rain said...

Wonderful post Sherry-I can feel the warmth also! Good luck with the sap-such an early spring here-we are worried about the syrup harvest.

Mamma Bear said...

How cool is that! We don't have your lovely trees and sap but are about to embark on a honeybee adventure! I am so excited! I bet that syrup is outstanding!

Marcia said... cool to be able to make and enjoy your own maple syrup. The smell of hot maple syrup brings back wonderful childhood memories :-)!

pilgrimscottage said...

Oh yum! Maple syrup is so good. Your dogs look like they were having a great time.

Mrs.C said...

Oh yum! Real maple syrup! What a blessing to be able to harvest your own.

KXJ said...

For how long do you boil it? Just spent the weekend looking at about 30 properties throughout Benzie, Manistee and Leelanau counties! Can't wait to find our piece of paradise.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thanks took about a week to boil it down. Odd season this year, and the syrup is very dark, but GOOD. Had pancakes yesterday to celebrate the end of the season. :~)