Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Drifter

It's official.
I'm back home.

Home to blackberries coming on.

Also spent a day catching up with a dear friend, Joann, at her unique sled dog kennel, 
Coyote Run Kennels.  
Larry/Joann/ and Ana

I got to meet their new litter of pups.
8 total...4 of each.
Born on the 4th of July.    
I never knew how much fun pups could have, 
tugging and twisting on the hem of my skirt.  {...smile...}

I've missed my simple life.

And I've missed touching base with you.

Lots to report about getting back into the woods.  
It's not cold enough yet to run the dogs, 
but I'm doing a different kind of running.  

On foot.
I took a step and became an official "fur harvester".  

I'll spell it all out...soon.

Until then, 
I'm looking forward to traveling to Clare {Michigan} tomorrow
on a 
"girl's shopping trip - Amish style" 
with some of my BBF's 
(black bonnet friends
and driver/farm friend, Heather.

I'll catch up soon...Lord willing.
Until then, enjoy the end of August.  



TC Goatldi said...

just read this entry . glad you are physically back where your heart is.

Anonymous said...

Hi - love your blog - know you are busy, but miss the more frequent updates :)
Just wondering, and you may have already covered this in a post I didn't see - but I haven't noticed anything about "Animal Control Ellen" in a long time......
Anyway, hope things are going well!

Sherry Sutherby http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/ said...

Thank you for the comments TC Goatldi and "Anonymous". Hopefully, I'll be posting more as winter approaches. It's good to be back in touch with my friends. And yes, AC Ellen is doing well...thank you for asking!