Thursday, October 14, 2010

Russ-Stick Nite Life

Around here, nights are for winding down.


Or so we think...

Even when we think all is quiet...

 is it so?

Enter Broccoli.

Since early summer, he has been transitioning from a sled dog,

to a house dog.  (Click to read his story.)

Broccoli has been doing so well, that he has been left loose overnight,
to sleep in his own dog house.

This was fine until the 3rd night.


Something happened. 

On the third morning, Broccoli had company in his dog house. 

The Blue Ball.

Also, Raz was out.

Could it be Raz and Broccoli had a midnight game of soccer?


But just in case, Broccoli is secured ~ at night ~ until we can be sure. 


Jane said...

Cute story! Broccoli is good looking dog.


Tammy said...

Oh my gosh too funny. I was wondering if that horse had him a ball and sure enough that is what I saw. This is an adorable story. Hugs. Tammy