Sunday, November 20, 2011

These Tears I've Wept

Jesus wept.
John 11:35

A year ago, I didn't know Terri.

I didn't know her son, Trent.

I didn't know she lived on a critter-laden farm,  
in northwest Wisconsin, 
with her five children, 
and hard-working cheesemaker husband, Rob.

I didn't know that on February 18th of 2011, her life would change forever.

And so would mine...

As a mother, reading Terri's account of Trent's accident, I cringed...and cried.

It was hard to realize that even with all the protection we give our children, bottom line...

...they are in God's all-knowing, all-loving hands.

We can show them how to make their way in the world.

We can always have them by our side.

But we can't control when they will leave this world.

When God will call them home.

We may never see them mature into adults.

And for this fact, I wept.

But I'm not weeping for Trent, I'm weeping for those left behind.

For Trent is seated with Jesus in heavenly places.   

We know this how?

"Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me hath everlasting life."
John 6:47

Young Trent believed in God.

Terri wrote this passage just days after Trent's passing:

On Friday February 18, 2011, 
we said goodbye to our son as he left for a skiing trip with his friends. 
God says he knows the number of our days, 
that He has created each one, 
and that He will do what He pleases. 
Trent struggled with his own sinfulness before God for most of his life. 
He knew that he was not right before God, 
and nothing he could do would ever make up for the sins he committed 
to make him worthy to enter heaven. 
In the summer of 2010 God graciously chose to bring salvation to Trent through repentance 
and the saving grace of Christ Jesus. 
Trent's life was transformed and we enjoyed the young fruit in his life as we watched God work. 

What about you dear readers?

Do you have sons, daughters, grandchildren, foster children, neighbor kids,
who don't know Jesus?

If they were to have their life extinguished,
or if Jesus returned,
where would they spend eternity?

Would you be able to say what Terri said upon Trent's death?

"It is with great rejoicing that we release our son, 
age 12, 
to our Heavenly Father. 

Dance before your King my son."

If you wonder where the depth of that faith is rooted, please follow the story.

Terri's story.

How My Savior Leads Me.

It will truly change your life, and possibly your life's path, as it did for me.

You can go here:  How My Savior Leads Me  (Click on title)
It is a walk of faith and reassurance.

And pain.

For who wouldn't mourn the loss of such a special young man.

Trent Stellrecht

brother to Alexis, Cole, Grace and Micah
Son of amazing Godly parents,
Terri and Rob

Please keep them in your prayers as they continue their journey through life,
knowing one day they will be reunited with Trent,
and also be seated in heavenly places.

Ephesians 2:6
"And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms
in Christ Jesus..."

Until tomorrow dear friends, God willing.


dr momi said... well said.

Cheyenne said...

Very apt. So very true.

Dicky Bird said...

I didn't know this story either, only through your blog several months back. What a blessing these blogs can be and a ministry too. Great post!!! Love the message. Blessing from Ringle, WI.

mountain mama said...

wonderful heartfelt post!!

Rain said...

Sherry such a lovely way with this story -and such a dear friend you are to Terry and her family to post this and to be there for them! Happy Thanksgiving ~ you are one of God's blessings to us.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you was a difficult post to write, because I needed to do it justice...Terri is an amazing woman, sister in Christ, and mother, and, and, and...

Renee said...

Beautiful post, I still cry today reading it. Amazing how people I have never met and may not ever meet have impacted me so deeply.