Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trent's Legacy - A Fisher of Men

Late at night, I like to check out the Blogs I follow. 
They are good folks, who farm, who love the Lord.
Reading their Blogs, and seeing their farming lives and animals, 
makes me feel like I'm on track.

Late in February,
I clicked on Terri's Blog "Our Crazy Farm" and let out a late-night gasp.

It was titled "A New Home".

Terri's 12-year old son, Trent, was killed while attending a youth group ski outing.

Terri didn't miss a beat. 
She wrote her Blog, as she would any other day,
and outlined Trent's "new home" ~ Heaven.

It caught me so off guard. 
I was used to seeing baby goats, or children riding ponies, or the latest canning project. 
But this?  I was frozen on the page.

As condolences poured in, Terri wrote: 
"Know that God's plans and God's grace are greater than ours. We have been rejoicing since Friday for the good work that God has done! We have prayed for over 12 years for Trent to go to heaven one day and to be used by God in a mighty way~ and God has honored that.
Who are we to complain when and how??"

As the days unfolded, I followed Terri's Blog.  I have to admit, it wasn't easy at times.  Seeing the beautiful pictures of a boy I had not even met, made my heart heavy with sorrow.  But I kept coming back...

Why?  Because what I found wasn't what one would expect. 
There was no pity, no blame, no hate at the world for what happened. 
Quite the opposite.

I found grace.

I found the love of God.

I found a mother, who lost her son, but understood that loss in an intimate way.

It's been over a month, and I've continued to follow "Our Crazy Farm".

Tonight, I felt the need to share, as did other Bloggers,
due to the words Terri had flow from her heart to hand. 

I've never met Terri, but feel she is filled with an amazing love and understanding of the Lord's plan. 
A plan that is available to all, just for the asking.

Today, she writes this.  Click it here.

I hope the Lord continues to bless her with understanding, healing and faith,
and the ability to witness to His word and promises. 

Until tomorrow, God willing.


Sandy said...

I feel everyone of your words wholeheartedly. I can remember how I felt that day, how my heart broke for the death of a child that I didn't know and the mother that would miss him every day for the rest of her life. I also marveled at the grace that Teri showed through her writing and sharing of God's work in her farmily's life throughout this sad event. How can you not be inspired by her.

Thanks for sharing.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Agreed Sandy ~ I feel that God is giving her such wisdom and strength right now. Her words are so comforting. And the pictures... She is touching the hearts of many. And Trent's death has already brought others to Christ Jesus. Praise the Lord!

OurCrazyFarm said...

Sherry~ You have me sitting here nearly in tears reading what God has done in your life through using us. He is beyond our comprehension in the plans He has ordained for our lives. Thank you for sharing our story that others may hear of our Lord Jesus in a way that they may not know Him.

We were just talking this morning about how good God has been to us for just fulfilling everything He has promised to His children. We look forward to what else He has in store for us while we are here, and we look forward to heaven all the more.

Please continue to pray with us that we would remain faithful to this high calling in our lives by remaining close to Jesus in the scripture, and that we would be bold and have many opportunities to witness to others through it. And please also pray for salvation for many through what God has done, and great depth for the believers who don't understand this side of God. May they search their Bible's to figure out what we are talking about. God is so beyond the little boxes we put him in.

Your sweet, encouraging words will not be forgotten! Terri

Sherry Sutherby said...

Terri ~ you and your family will be in my daily prayers. Your boldness to exclaim the love of God (under these, and all circumstances) and all He promises is a powerful message. I truly feel Trent is a Fisher of Men, in that he, in his innocence of youth, will bring others to an alter call. If by saving only one other person on earth, from an eternal death in the lake of fire, he has been successful in his legacy. Bless you and yours, as you slide into a beautiful Wisconsin spring, missing your cherished son.