Wednesday, February 8, 2012

40-Watt Cabin

Boy, it hasn't even been a week, and I've already missed my Blogger friends and all the wonderful smiles/laughs/sighs I get from seeing what folks are up to on here.

However, it's truly a "different world" living on our 40 acres without Internet. We rely on our radio station (WLJN) for all our "input". (No TV.) And it's a common sight to walk in the cabin and see Hubby "Russ" sitting on a wood stump (yes, in our cabin) reading the Bible, hovered under our single light source, a 40-watt bulb. (Yes, only one light in our entire cabin.)

We had the most amazing tour with our sled dogs last Saturday (yes, we are blessed with snow), and expect to do the same this Saturday (yes, still blessed with snow). Life is good.

One of our older Siberians (Dee Dee) went to be a "house" dog, joining a wonderful family (of 5) and their family dog. What a blessing. We are looking for more wonderful families, if you are out there and interested. Beautiful dogs, with beautiful hearts and an amazing capacity for love. It is our desire to have some experience what it would be like to have an "indoor" home, their final years of life.

Tax preps are done for me. And word has it, it should be near 40 tomorrow. I, for one, am loving this.  OH, and SAP is flowing like crazy!  Maple trees are adorned with buckets. 

Until I check in next time,  (And Happy Birthday to my dear friend,




pilgrimscottage said...

I love maple syrup. Your dogs are lovely. So nice that you give them homes as they age. And, living with less is great.

OurCrazyFarm said...

You've been missed in blogland, Sherry . . . enjoy your "vacation" from the "little blinking lights" :))

Laura said...

Good Morning Sherry!

Oh, I'm feeling a bit be so removed from everything... although, come to think of it, we do live this way to an extent! Josh told me about your invitation to visit...thanks so much! Perhaps some day the Lord will see fit to have us travel out your way...

Wish we lived closer...we would love to give one of your dogs a home! I absolutely love the pictures of them...they are so gorgeous! We'll be praying for the right folks to contact you about this wonderful idea.

Hope you have a blessed day, my friend!

Happyone said...

You're a better woman than I. I admire you to be able to live like that.
May I ask what is your reason for living so simply?

Gorges Smythe said...

It's nice that you find homes for your dogs. And I envy you, having a spouse who'd be willing to live in a "40 watt cabin."

Sherry Sutherby said...

Hi everyone...I sure miss my Blogger buddies. It's very odd, living without Internet (and a TV). It's very quiet...and contemplative. More on that later...:) Thank you for the kind comments. We still have all our dogs...the one that left, came back due to the new owner's allergies. I'm sure they will all stay...that's just the nature of life. ;) Happyone, we live this way because it is in our hearts...we feel so connected to the earth, and more importantly, our Savior, when we are living "day to day" and thankful for everything. It's truly rewarding...I wish I could communicate it better... I hope to check in more often...see you soon.

Rain said...

Miss you Sherry-but certainly understand that things are what they are! and it is better to simplify whenever possible.~~Rain