Saturday, February 25, 2012

Simple Travel by Dogs

This time of year,
as winter comes to a close,

we work on training new leaders,
such as youngster "Knik" (white AKC Siberian),
being trained by "Windows", (experienced, sage Alaskan). 

Stay tuned as we show you how.

Until then, dear friends, God willing.

Gas prices just jumped to $3.79 per gallon here in our small town.  Dog travel is preferred...


IanH said...

I thought winter was over too, but found that the thought must have jinxed something. We got dumped on!

Sherry Sutherby said...

Us too! We are running dogs more now, than any time since Thanksgiving! :~)

Gayle said...

Yesterday my son and I were half-joking, wondering if raising horses (to go to town) would be cheaper than the gas pump. Hay/feed is pretty expensive here, but sometimes I wonder.... (the dogs would be faster in the winter...hmmmm).