Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Daily Gift


It’s still early morning as I sit on my little cabin porch, enjoying my Amish-made hickory rocker.  Thinking back, it’s been 25 years or so since I first hauled this rocker from mid-Michigan to northern Michigan.  It has served me well over the years with comfort and memories.  (It bears the chew marks from my Border Collie pup, years past.).  But I digress…
I’ve been up for hours soaking in, and studying the Word of God.  John 1:1…”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  I fell asleep last night doing so, and began once again upon awakening.  I feel like I’m working on a Master’s Thesis.  And in a way, I am!  About the Divine Master, my Lord and Savior.  Actually, when I attended college, right after high school and then later on, I studied hard.  (Unlike high school…).  I even made the President’s list for a perfect grade with 12+ credits per semester.  In addition, I was asked, and joined, Phi Theta Kappa (a smarty girl’s honor club).  But that study was NOTHING compared to this.  I’m studying as if my life depended on it.  And it does! 
A friend of mine wrote these words: 
“The grace of God, and the leading of the Holy Spirit will always direct our lives to full obedience of the established principles of God’s word.  This is the true freedom in Christ.  Any other direction is tragedy indeed.”
So far, my Berean Bush Living is working out as planned.  A beautiful setting for God’s creatures and creation – and to study His precepts.  As I write this (by hand, later typed for your retrieval) my morning visitor lets me know it is breakfast time.  A chipmunk waits for his morning snack.  I started putting cereal, or walnuts on one of my logs on the wood pile.  Now it has become a ritual.  (I adore “chippy’s”.)
This morning a couple hours into my study I needed to stretch my legs.  Upon stepping off the porch I thought about retrieving my side arm.  I thought twice.  Naw…I’m just going to the clearing – no need.  I can sprint back to the cabin if necessary.  (Oh how our minds trick us…me sprint?? J)  So I headed out to the clearing, surrounded by nearly neck high green ferns.  I scan the vast area, looking for any sign of deer.  (One time, myself and my dear “cattle dog” Zip came into that same clearing and saw a buck’s antlered head “floating” on the ferns.  At least that is what it looked like.  The deformed antlers on one side added to the floating “creepy factor”!)  Today I only saw a cloudy, rainy sky to accompany the cold northern Michigan weather.  As I was about ready to return to the cabin, I saw to the east a large animal swiftly emerge from near the base of the ferns, cross the lane,  and enter the woods.  I had to blink twice.  I t looked to be the size of a wolverine, but the large (and I mean large) white stripe gave it away.  I stepped into the woods for a better look and watched as it headed in the direction of my deer blind area.  This summer, several skunks have found their way into a live trap, so it is time to get it reset.  (Skunks are notorious for devouring our baby bunnies.) 
Barely a day goes by when God doesn’t share one of His wonderful gifts with me.  Wildlife, or sign of such.  Raw beauty abounds in my wooded abode.  The nightly dance of the firefly brings awe.  Who can deny thy creator?  Not I…
I was getting to the point of asking God for a daily gift and I had to stop myself.  (Something along the lines of…”God…would you please send a deer through so I can see its beauty?”)  But He does it anyway!!  He knows how much it pleases me.  I can almost imagine His smile (we are told we are made in the likeness of Him) when my heart beats faster upon seeing a deer or smelling a possible bear while walking at the cabin at dusk.  All are gifts.  From Him.  Thank you Father.
But my greatest gift of all is His Word to me.  To YOU.  It’s contained in His God-inspired Word.  Dive in.  Read your Bible.  Start where you wish.  I don’t follow a routine, I go where I feel I need to that day.  I use King James Version (KJV) only.  I do not use a study Bible (one that has notes written on the page next to God’s Word, by people hired for their opinion.)  They are not God-inspired.  They are someone who needed a writing gig.  {Very dangerous to lean on a study Bible.}  Remember the serpent in the Garden…ssssssssssssssss…”Ye shall not surely die…SSSssssssss”
Your Bible is a gift – open it.  Read it.  Live it.  Some people say it is Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth.  So true.  And if you desire information on how to order a nice, but not expensive, KJV Bible, contact me.   I can assist. 
I hope you enjoy your gifts today!  However small. 
I’ll check in soon, should the Lord tarry…
P.S.  When reading the Bible…keep your ears and eyes open to His still small voice.  So that means…No TV, NO phone beeping interruptions, NO radio, NO distractions.  Only you…and GOD.  Blessings to you!

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