Thursday, July 13, 2017

Night Scare

My journal continues…
Tuesday, May 30th

A nightly visitor shows up at my cabin.  The question is...who?  Or what?

I wonder…  Coyote tracks and deer abound, but who is breathing near my head on the outside wall of the cabin?  In the still of the night, that can be quite disconcerting. 

That was just the beginning of my "scary nights".  I had a different scare the night before.  I brought fresh-from-the-mill wood scraps to burn to take the chill off the night air.  Well…my stove “took off”.  Upon opening the top lid, an ember floated down beneath a crack in floor boards.  Also a crack appeared in the chimney leading to the heavy shiny insulated chimney.  I held my breath as the fire took its time to settle down.  The little cabin heated up like never before!  The next morning I realized I dodged a bullet with a smoldering log and a perfect storm for carbon monoxide.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to my new stove getting into place soon. 
Wednesday, May 31th

Figured out my nightly visitor.  I awoke at 2:30 a.m. last night to something hovering on my porch – making lots of noise by my door.  Nails scratched on wood, schuffling leaves ensued, twigs breaking, etc.  Once again, I held my breath as I aimed my dim flashlight toward the door.  Yep...a porky was revealed.  He lumbered off, looking over his shoulder at the inconvenience of being “found out”.  He returned some time later to say “hello” on the other side of my bunk wall.  My thoughts, of course, go to when I begin bringing sled dogs out to visit.  Porkies and sled dogs don’t mix.  NOTE:  He's probably the one I came across last deer hunting season.  I was heading home after a night of hunting, and I saw a porky ambling down the lane ahead of me.  I got as close as I could and chatted with him for a while.  Well, he bristled and I chatted.  I had my .30-.30 and my side arm, but it wasn't an option.  He wasn't hurting anyone.  Yet...Lord willing. 

Until next time, should the Lord tarry…  {I’ll eventually get much to tell!}
In His Love -


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