Monday, January 11, 2010

The Ladies on the Runners

This is for the local mushers ~ who love to rock and roll.

You know who you are...

Though your teams may be small, think BIG.  (Click on BIG)

(Like Kelley, Michelle and Agata did...
in Dog Gone Addiction ~ racing the Yukon Quest!)

You only live once...

Postscript ~ Agata, the Polish adventurer, passed away shortly after this film was completed. 

Rest in peace Agata ~ you lived life to the fullest...



Mary said...

How fun to see us recreational mushers making your news! It is so darned much fun. And watching the gals who are thinking BIG in Dog Gone Addiction thrills me! Thanks for appreciating the reacreational musher, sharing your expertise and letting us run at Russ-Stick Acres this winter! Francie Dorman

Joy said...

As always your photographs are awesome.
Thank you so much for all the support you give to our small teams recreational sledders.

The photographs remind me that the lives of dogs are short. Without Belle I would never have started sledding. She was the support for the other two dogs. She changed the direction of my life. I hope that I have "payed it forward" a good motto to live by.

Joy Cowles
Bellaire, MI
-Bernes Mountain Dogs-
Wintrye Stradivarius CGC
Bashful Belle-Aire RE NDD TDI (10/5/05-7/17/09)

goatldi said...

Just awesome!
At Walnetto Farm we do love big dogs with a job.
A 21 paw salute from Spinner the Great Pyrenees and the rest of the critters.

Mancelona Woodswoman said...

Mary "Francie" and Joy ~ It is truly our pleasure. Yes, life is short. Belle truly graced our trails while she was on this earth.

Goat Lady ~ I wish I were closer...I'd love to assist with Miss Sherri. Very tragic. She's a beautiful dog. The first thing I plan to do upon my retirement is acquire a Great Pyrenees. It was just over a month ago I almost rescued Duke.