Thursday, January 28, 2010

Your Permanent Home at "Our 40"...

This is it folks ~ my/yours/our permanent home.  I knew it was coming, even before I started this "Our 40" teaser Blog, to bring you to our Russ-Stick Ramblings Blog

For the last month, I was having trouble posting text.  I struggled.  Lost posts.  But persevered.

But then the other night, the unthinkable happened.  I was near the end of the Blog...and unable to post another picture.  You can imagine my horror.

So, for the last couple evenings, I have been fiddling into the dark hours of the night trying to make it work.  To no avail. 

I toyed with the idea of calling tech support, but the 45 minute calls have become all too familiar.  It is time to shut down the main Blog and say farewell.  Like Seinfeld.  Johnny Carson.  I'm leaving on a good note.  And, like some stars, I'm switching networks.  As this, right here, will be my new home.  Our new home.

The good news is this...

I will write daily.  I will post more pictures than you care to see.

We will share our daily trials and tribulations.

The other good feature about this Blog format is I will answer your comments. I was unable to do that on our original Blog, so this will be a welcomed change.

There are also other Blogs placed on the page for you to visit.  Friends, excellent photographers and farmers. 

Our other Blogs, "Meet the Mushers" and "Russ-Stick Farm Market" will be there for you to check in on daily. 

Everything is here.  Easy. 

I'm not one for change.  And I'm not one for easy.  If I were, I'd be living with a microwave, washer, dryer, fridge, or kitchen table.  No, we like a challenge.  But that being said, it's time to check on new horizons. 

We hope you will come along...and remain our friends and fellow lovers of nature. 

Until tomorrow ~ God willing and so full of Grace,



Spring Lake Farm said...

I'm very excited about the daily posts. I love getting by snow "fix" through your blog.

Have an awesome day!


Mancelona Woodswoman said...

Hey Sandy ~ Glad I can accommodate your need for snow! We sure got plenty this week!