Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wolf Moon Rising

Last week began with an interesting situation.  Russ was out in the early morning hours of darkness, going through his rote chore list, as he does every morning (24/7/365) when he spied a large dark mass near the area of the cows.  Never wearing a headlamp, he walked up slowly to see what creature occupied the space.  There was Raz.  Munching on the cow's hay. 

In the misty dewey mosture that permeated the atmosphere, something had triggered the electric fence to fail.  Our big boy, Raz, had decided to take advantage of the opportunity and check out the green on the other side of the fence.  You know what they say...the grass er, hay, is always greener. 

Russ gently walked Raz back to his fenced area and reunited him with his buddies, bunnies included. 

The rest of the week reminded me of a long distance dog race.  Each day I felt we were reaching a new mile marker.  Exhausted at the check in, but opting not to scratch once the new day dawned.   

Saturday we welcomed the "Fred Group".  13 folks poured out of their convoy of vehicles into brisk barely 20 degree weather.  Such an enthusiastic group of new dog mushers!  Seven of the folks were slated for rides. 

Rustic Russ had quite an audience, learning how to maneuver a sled~!

AC Ellen was on hand, sharing in lead trail guide duties, driving the lead sled...and assuring safety to those who may need assistance.  She is also the consummate tour guide, sprinkling in stories of the trail and pointing out our cabins and campsites. 

Andie (Andrea) and Amy were also on board as handlers, a non-stop whirlwind of activity.

Ellen, exit, stage Left...and Fred heads for home.

Nice 5-dog team...led by Windows.  We enjoyed the day with Fred and all his guests.  They enjoyed seeing the farm animals too.

Rosie.  She loves dashing outside of her hay filled nest bed to say hello to new friends.  Russ says she's "quite the ham...".

And Rachael, outside stretching her legs on the driveway. 
She loves to show off for a crowd.

Today, Sunday, things have quieted down.  We were looking forward to a visit from Tracy Breen this Sunday morning.  However, he has been on the road so much doing speaking engagements, we have put off our meeting for a while.  We look forward to that day. 

Today, we were featured in the Oakland Press.  Click HERE for article.  Beth Kellman, came as one of the participants last weekend with the West Bloomies.  They are a group who comes yearly for a day of dogsledding.  It's a day we always look forward to. 

It was nice having another photographer taking up the slack last weekend. 

So, today is spent the way it should be.  This morning we ran a couple teams of young dogs that didn't get out yesterday (we don't want to overstress the pups by running on tour teams), and the girls in heat (Windows and Penny Whirlwind) got to head out today on an "all girl" team.  Afterward, we tossed some ham slices on the wood cook stove in the Wee House and had the best tasting sandwhich money can't buy.  (Our ham...from our farm.)

My thoughts run to those mushers out west.  The John Beargrease began today.  Stage Stop is in full swing.  And locally, Fife Lake.  Too many to mention.

What is worth mentioning is that people love winter.  We are getting pounded with snow today and it's as it should be ~ more snow than we know what to do with... 

The Wolf Moon has come and gone.

And now Punxatawny Phil is just around the corner.

We hope you, too, are having a blissful day ~

Until tomorrow ~ God willing,



small farm girl said...

Now you guys know what to do when it snows! I loved the pictures of your farm animals. And you pictures of your dogs, they are the best.

Be safe,

Mancelona Woodswoman said...

Thanks SFG ~!