Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life in the fast lane...canine style.

Our dogs at Last Chance Kennel like to take things slow, just like us. 

However, we have friends who like to take things fast!

Meet the dogs of Coyote Run Sled Dog Kennel ~ fast dogs!

And today Joann Fortier has something to smile about. 

She just won the 8-Dog 43 mile race at the Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race, which happens to be one of my favorite race sites ~ located at the Rainbow Lodge in Newberry.   Home of the Two-Hearted River, made famous by writer, Ernest Hemingway.

Joann's husband, Larry, came in 2nd with the "B" team out of Coyote Run, which has him smiling too. 

Bruce Magnusson, of RPM Kennel ~ in the yellow hat, is shown here at Meet the Mushers this past August.

Bruce came in 2nd in the 12-Dog Pro.  A 63 mile race.

Think about it folks.  63 miles on the back of a dog sled.

Starting conditions were in the negative double digits.  Good for the dogs, rough on the humans.

Sidebar:  This past weekend was also rough on Bruce's wife, Monica, who held the championship record for the 8-Dog race the last two years at Tahq.  Upon loading up the dogs on Friday to head up north, her lead dog, Mary, suffered a freak heart malfunction and was unable to be revived with CPR or by the vet.  We all wish Monica and Bruce the best as they mourn the loss of this great dog. 
Rest in peace Mary...

What do they have in common?  Larry, Joann and Bruce?

A burning desire to keep learning, to keep growing as a musher.

And I'm happy we are able to provide this opportunity to folks in Michigan and the surrounding states. 

Yes, including Beaver Island...

I hope you will come to the next "Meet the Mushers Rustic Retreat".

Either as a lover of the sport and way of life, or to keep learning and growing as a musher who goes for the prize.  Either way, we guarantee a good time.  And guarantee you will learn something in the process.

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The Thundering Herd said...

We are sort of the yawning style, too, but congratulations to the fast mushers (and our condolences to RPM Kennels).