Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Rune on the Run

Saturday night always whispers a sense of excitement.

This past Saturday was no different.

Little Rune was on the run.

It's not the first time...

Since he first arrived this summer, along with Sookie and Jackson,
he has always been the one to slip out and "explore".

Usually Russ catches him with one or two tries, puts him back and all order is restored. 

However, Saturday night was different.

And we decided Rune has always been different...smaller...smarter.

So...he is now loose on the farm.  Free to roam.

He's set up shop just inside the barn, and hangs out with the cows during the day.

And they seem quite happy with the situation.


Terry said...

Follows the beat of a different drummer Rune does.

Kathy in KY said...

I'm glad he has the freedom to roam, and maybe the cows will have a good time with him. I love pigs - they are so inquisitive, and crafty at getting out when they want to - and hard to catch! Love your post today, Miss Sherry - take care, from KY.