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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ushering in Autumn

Mother Nature is smiling.

It makes sense that the first day of Fall...

Is on the eve of a Full Moon.

Welcome Autumn...

And farewell summer...until next year.

God willing.


Jane said...

Really nice photos, and what a good looking dog too!


Kathy in KY said...

Yes, Sherry, I have to agree with Jane, what great photos - it looks like Fall where you are. I have noticed the mooon being awfully bright the last couple of nights when I have been up in the wee hrs of the morning. It's making quite a show of itself. Hope you have a great Wednesday. Take care, from central KY.

Kent Island Red said...

Speaking of the full moon, I went out to open the door to the chicken house this morning and put food/water in their feeders before the sun was up (little b-4 5:00 AM), and normally I need my flashlight when I go out that early, but the moon was still out and shining so bright that it completely lit my path so I left the flashlight on the porch.