Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/3 Living - In Full Swing

It's time.
We are now beginning to implement changes to encompass our new lifestyle and budget.
It's those ideas we've had over the years,
as we have come closer and closer to living simply.

Some changes are already in place, such as Farm time.

I used to pay attention to the clocks at home, and the clocks at work. 
They were never in sync.
Our circadian rhythms were never true...
Now, we are on one time. 
Farm time. 
Our time.

For years we had 3 channels on our small TV. 
June 12th of 2009, we opted out of the digital TV transition.
We chucked our rabbit ears and Netflix filled our P.O. Box.

Now...the entire TV is gone.  Netflix cancelled.
Not because of budget concerns. 
Because of moral concerns.
December 30, 2010...we made the decision to not allow the world into our home
via that media outlet.

So..., you ask. 
What has taken it's place in our small, dimly-lit cabin?
The presence of God.
We listen to our table-top radio, tuned to our local station WLJN,
especially enjoying "Adventures in Odyssey".

But even more importantly, our night ends with the quiet hush of the cabin.
Russ, reading his personal note-ridden Bible.
Zip stretched out by the heat of the woodstove.
And me, looking over from my book, in awe of this life before us.
Thank you Lord...for leading us on this amazing journey.
Like Russ says..."Let's see what God has in store for us today..."


Grace said...

Amen. :)

Anonymous said...

Sherry, absolutely amen! Especially about not letting the media in thru tv. I love listening to Adventures In Odyssey! We haven't had our tv set up in our cabin for 7 years and I haven't missed it all that much, I prefer to watch movies of my choice. I truly admire you and Russ for the lifestyle you both embrace and live. God bless you both!
Laura H.

Farmchick said...

Wonderful and I commend you on your choices.