Friday, January 7, 2011

Beyond the Gate - Part Two

My kind husband granted my wish,
and headed to town to run my errands.

And I was able to stay home, once again.


Where everything I need and love resides.

My snowy winter wonderland.

God is good.


Edgar said...

I've been staring at your photos and smiling now for some time. I'm remembering my labrador, his name was Bill. I had to have him put down on Sept. 23, of last year. He loved the snow.

Seeing all of your critters out and about in the winter fluff reminds me of how Bill, even in his old age, would go out and absolutely BEAM as he trudged through the snow.

I won't say I miss him more than you know, simply because you have quite a few dogs running around your patch of heaven, so I'd say you know from experience exactly how I feel. It hurts pretty bad, and it takes a long time to heal from losing a companion of 14 years.

Bill was a good of the finest. His absence makes the winter almost unbearable. Still, I'll climb without him. He would want that.

Sue said...

I can't get over how much snow your area received over the past few days. We missed out on it completely.....only one (ONE!!!!) lousy inch of the white stuff. I'm beginning to think we picked the wrong place.......
I had no idea there were these areas that got clobbered with lake effect.