Saturday, February 5, 2011

Caprine Cuddlin'

Well, I've been wondering about Rachael and Levi for quite some time.

They are our goats. 

Rachael came on board as a baby in the summer of 2009.

As did Levi, this past spring.

A registered 100% Boer buckling.

What we farmers like to call..."breeding stock".

There hadn't been any sign of any breeding, although Levi has come of age.

He has even grown a goat-tee!

But I knew, eventually, he would live up to his name as a buck goat.

And a week ago, love was in the air...

A lot of sweet gestures were being bantered about.

Rachael, being Rachael, didn't make it easy for her new suitor.

Even though she would wag her tail in a "come hither" goat sort of way.

And yes, they would even butt heads now and then.

But in the end, when all was said and done, Levi collapsed with joy.

And Rachael wondered if this was "normal"...

Or if he was ever going to get up...

She hoped so, as he was her partner and who she cuddled with for warmth in the night.

After a few minutes, he did...and he had "puppy love" written all over him.

We'll be planning for a June goat kid now. 

Or two...

Oh, the summer will be devine!

Always God willing...


Amy B said...

Oh my goodness....he has a Mona Lisa smile!! Too cute! Congrats on the Grand kids!!

Sherry Sutherby said...

You pegged it Amy B.! Thanks~! What a blessing... and to be there to witness, which means I know the exact due date...;) Rachael a Momma ~ this will be a fun summer.