Saturday, February 26, 2011

Simple Pleasures ~ On our 40 Acres

We don't look too far beyond our cabin door for our entertainment.

It's all right here.

We haven't been to a movie theatre in nearly a decade.

No TV to distract us.

 When we have this outside our door...

Listen to their sounds.


I love to stand perfectly still,
close my eyes...
and feel the flutter of their wings by my face,
as they land on my hand (or head) to get their treat.

I love sharing their meal time.

No $13 movie ticket can give me this much excitement.

Or warm the soul.

God's creature, the Chickadee, is welcome here ~ anytime.

I only wish it were year 'round.

I'm hoping you will find these simple pleasures today...and every day.

God willing.

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