Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's a Wrap! Two-Day CCW Training is a Success!

Our first training at Russ-Stick Acres,
in conjunction with Mike Slomkowski of 1st Defense, LLC.,
is completed.

Instruction was held at Cedar Bend Farm in Mancelona, MI,
just a stone's throw from us at Russ-Stick Acres. 

Several participants even spent the night at the cottage.

Two days of intense training, with a variety of like-minded folks.

Led by Mike Slomkowski, NRA training counselor. 

Hours in the frigid elements, at the range at Russ-Stick Acres.

Testing and honing skills.

It paid off, as this class tested extremely well at the end of the two days.

We can't wait to do it again in June!  Join us!


Brandon Palmer said...

If you're even thinking about thinking of taking this class, just do it. It's an incredible amount of truly necessary information. I thought I knew firearm safety, and I took lots away from this class.

Mike is a true professional - leaving students feeling safe and well-informed and most importantly - always answering questions thoroughly.

Even if you only carry your sidearm from camp to your hunting blind, this class will help you be a safer and more defensive-minded shooter and carrier.

Mike said...

Thank you Russ-Stick Acres for being such gracious host. It's with the support of people like you that we are able to train those who wish to excersie their "2nd amendment rights" safely and with the knowledge of responsability.

Also, a big thank you to those who sat through the training and braved the cold temps on the range. It was a great pleasure spending time with each of you.

Shoot straight, be safe and remember to practice as often as you can..

Mike Slomkowski

Sherry Sutherby said...

It was truly our pleasure~! Thank you Brandon, for taking the time to express your thoughts upon the completion of the class. And thank you Mike for bringing your years of expertise to northern Michigan. We can't wait until the next one ~ June 11th and 12th. We'll see you then!