Friday, September 16, 2011

Autumn Amish Yearnings

It's true.  

This time of year, I get restless...

Not for just anywhere.

But to head to all things Amish.

It's a dull tug on my heart.

To be where simplicity, travel by horse, and the word of God is spoken freely.

I'm not looking for fancy.

But rather, what I'm used to living like...rustic.

But for now, I'll stay on our 40, until the next time I venture out.

Out among the Amish.

Until tomorrow, God willing.


Nell said...

Beautiful pictures, we do not have any Amish that I know about in Australia, I love looking at the photos, I would love to sit at their feet and learn of their ways.. thank you for your post and for visiting my site. I love your horses, dogs and little houses..

TheCrankyCrow said...

Beautiful photos Sherry - and ponderings. I've always said, if I go missing someday, they will know where to look for me....Wishing you a blessing-filled Friday...Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Sue said...

Beautiful photos.
We just had the Amish here finishing our barn. What wonderful work they do. I doubt many of us could keep up the pace.......

IanH said...

Great scenery! and you are right, simpler is best. God bless

Linda Myers said...

Such a tempting place to visit! Next time we're on the east coast, I'd like to take such a drive.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you everyone. Nell, you are correct...sadly, there are no Amish in Australia (at this time). :) Thank you for visiting - I, too, enjoyed visiting "your home patch" from "Down Under". :~) Thank you Robin from TCC ~ that's where I will be too, should I go missing! Sue ~ smart lady to hire the Amish men for your barn work. I agree about keeping up with their pace! Ian - And "less is more". :) Linda - I always plan a trip on the "Blue Highways", smack through any Amish country. You'll never regret it!