Saturday, September 3, 2011

Less is More - Tiny House Movement

This past weekend, we said farewell to two of our four horses.


Now, we are down to two.  

Two humans.  Two horses.

Makes perfect sense.

And then there were two...
Raz and Nauish (pronounced Now-eesh).

The timing of this leads into our final months of our first year of 1/3 Living.
 It has been a wonderful year of growth and reflection.  
 And abiding in Christ.

And even for us, living in a 300 sq. feet "main cabin",
the desire continues to be to "pare down" and go small.

Sure, we have our Wee House.

And we have our Bear's Den.

But there's a hunger that lies within to produce yet another "Tiny House"...
We love being a part of the Tiny House Movement.

We'll see what next spring has in store for us, God willing.

Do YOU have that desire?  Could you do it too?  

There is no doubt you could...if you would take that first step.

Follow this delightful teenager, 
16-year old Austin Hay, 
as he describes not only his housing project, 
but his outlook on life, 
complete with Santa Claus.

Prepare to be impressed...

Please turn off soothing music so you can hear every word spoken by Austin, located to the right.

This young man could plug into our electric any day.

Until tomorrow, God willing.


Josh said...

Good Afternoon Mrs. Sutherby,

Thank you for sharing this truly blessed me today. My parents want to build a small cabin on our land when my father retires from his job. I watched the video you posted...what a great job that young man did building his small house.

May the Lord bless and keep you and your family today as you serve Him.

God Bless You,

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog, hoping you will pop over regularly. Firstly my congradulation to your son for building his Home on Wheels. When his done please send him over to Australia. I got a 18ft trailer waiting to be redone into a gypsy wagon. Amazing what our boys can do if they set their minds to something positive.
now I'll just finish reading your blog see ya Rina

Mary Ann said...

Sherry, I did not know you lived in a tiny house.. I admire that!

We have only 1000 sq feet, so must seem like a mansion to you, but it is surely the smallest in our family, and most of our friends. It's cozy, and we like it!

Sherry Sutherby said...

Josh ~ I actually thought of you as I posted this, and meant to visit your Blog. It's been too long! Rina ~ thank you for the visit also. LOL...the young boy who built his home isn't our son, although I'm sure his parents are extremely proud of his accomplishments~! :) MaryAnn ~ yes, we have a main cabin (300 sq. ft) and then some other buildings (the Wee/Bear's Den/Trapper/Bunk House) on our property ~ all handcrafted by Russ. But the Main Cabin is the largest at 300 sq. ft...:~)