Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Forward

As the summer officially comes to a close, our days are filled with tasks.

Today, it's wash-and-hang-on-the-line day, and hauling wood via horsepower day.

We hope your days are blissful, and full of peace, as you head into the work week 
or send your children off to school, if they are not schooled at home.

Until tomorrow, God willing.


Dicky Bird said...

We had frost here 2 nights in a row - not a hard frost, but non the less, summer is over...where did it go? Today, canning whole and tomato juice - peaceful, yes!
Blessings from Ringle, WI

Farmchick said...

I love that washing machine. Used to wash my clothes in one when I stayed with my grandmother during the summers in KY.

IanH said...

That wringer/washer brings back memories. I haven't seen one for at least 40 years.

Mrs. Trixi said...

Thank you for following at my little blog. I am so glad I came over here and am about to spend a while getting to know y'all.

Sherry Sutherby http://russ-stickacres.blogspot.com/ said...

I agree Dicky Bird ~ where DID summer go? We lost a month when Russ was on crutches! I love my outdoor Maytag too Farmchick and IanH...so many memories swirling around in there. Thanks for visiting RSA, Mrs. Trixi ~ I'm so blessed by all the amazing Blogs out there - yours included.