Sunday, October 9, 2011

Extended Summer on the 45th Parallel

Here in northern lower Michigan, we have been experiencing summer.

Yes, summer.  

In October.

It's been wonderful...

I've been soaking it all in, physically and spiritually.

The animals have also been enjoying the warm days and cool nights.

It's just the best of both worlds.

Beauty, and a second chance to get all those things done before winter hits.

Or for some, a third chance.
That would be me...

Truth be told, my mind is elsewhere.

It's on the beauty of the day.

And I'm not letting a single minute go by without giving it due praise.

For there is something very special about this time of year.  

It is truly a gift from God.

And it is not to be missed.

Even our hens are taking advantage of the warmth.

One Mama hatched out 3 eggs in the last week.  
We will enjoy watching these little ones grow over the winter.

But for now, they are with their Mama,
protected from the hustle and bustle of the other chickens,
and learning about "all things chicken" from Mama.
How to scratch for feed, etc.

There's also something about this weather that makes folks travel.

We have had several guests stop by these last few days.

And one such guest was bearing gifts, 
which included Zucchini bread, 
a pumpkin, 
our favorite candies, 
and a fresh bouquet of flowers.
Thank you Jean A.  from the Hoosier state  ~ we love you...

And tomorrow, my son Charlie and his family arrive from California.

The trip is two-fold.  

To show off their new baby daughter, Evie, along with 3 (almost 4) year-old David.

But also, it is a scouting trip for their new movie to be made in Michigan.

For those of you who don't know, my son, Charlie, is a filmmaker.

Click here to see Charlie and the new movie information...Ordinary World.

Until next time dear friends, God willing.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Such glorious, glorious, photos....I can never tire of looking at God's palette of Autumn colors....We've been blessed with beautiful weather here as well but, unfortunately, the winds made for a rather hasty descent of the leaves. Enjoy your time with your son and family....Blessings & Smiles ~ Robin

Dreaming said...

Your pictures are stunning. We have some color, but not like what you are experiencing.
Did I ever tell you there is a wonderful wine called "Parallele 45th"? A friend introduced us to the red wine, and I believe there may also be a white.
Coincidentally, after a trip to France and hiking in the vineyards in Tain l'Hermitage, we discovered that is where the wine is produced!

Dicky Bird said...

Beautiful pictures. Yes, we did have a wonderful summer like weekend. I was so thankful, because we had our little town's annual Harvest Fest. God is good. Blessings from Ringle, WI.

Renee said...

Hasn't the weather been amazing?! Hubby and I spent last week on Mackinaw Island and never expected warm weather there, but that is what we got! Was able to enjoy the "northern" color a little bit more than here! I came home inspired and dyed a bunch of fiber in autumn colors, I couldn't help myself! Love your pictures!

Sue said...

The weather (and fall foliage!) is exceptional this year! We just returned from a week in the U.P. and had 80's most days. The color-amazing. And now I get another shot of it down here. I love this time of year.
Your photos are the best!

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you ladies, for all the wonderful comments, stories (who would guess there is wine named after the 45th parallel...:) and snippets of your life. That is what makes "blogs" so amazing...people sharing in such a giving way. Thank you! And blessings to you all. (Renee ~ I'm heading to Mackinac Island (the Grand Hotel) next week...I have a feeling the weather may be a tad cooler!)

goatldi said...

Love the color! We in California, even those of us lucky enough to be in Nor. Cal. don't get those amazing Autumns. And the chicks, mine are coming but since we are in flux a friend is raising them for me. I will miss that part.

And your sweet family, what joy! God bless.