Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday ~ Russ-Stick Style

No crowds.

DSC_0060 (Small)

No shopping, no stores.

DSC_0061 (Small)

No malls, no travel.
No early sales. No gimmicks, no gizmos.
No money...

DSC_0058 (Small)

No biting...

DSC_0077 (Small)

No aggressive behavior...
No pushing...or shoving.

DSC_0080 (Small)

No stampede...

DSC_0031 (Small)

For us, just a serene day at home.

DSC_0097 (Small)

We leave consumerism to the experts.

Until tomorrow ~ God willing.


Farmchick said...

My holiday sounds similiar. Food with family, but no shopping of any sort. More time spent with family.

Jane said...

Ah, great photos! I too detest malls and crowds. Hope that you are keeping well,


Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you FC and Jane. Us like-minded folks tend to stick together on these issues. Family and friends (and critters) are my preferred company on these long weekends. Enjoy your we swing into the full holiday season.

Goatldi said...

Would that be the experts or is it truly "a sucker born every day?"

You can't miss what you don't need.