Friday, November 12, 2010

Sunset on Walloon Lake

Earlier this evening, while traveling home from the north,
I stopped to admire the sunset on one of my favorite lakes. 
Walloon Lake.
Many of my childhood memories were born there and reside there today. 

Riding to the beach as a carefree teenager with my friend in her Mustang ~ white (with red leather seats) convertible, endless days at the towel-lined beach when my sons were small, lazy afternoons on a friend's float boat (manned with a picnic dinner) watching my son learn to dive from above, fresh fish ~ from boat to table, skating on the jumbled ice while my Dad ice fished nearby, hearing the call of the loons in summer from the open bedroom window of a shoreline cottage, canoeing in the still waters where the only sound is the droplets falling from the paddle while rested, cooling off our dog in the late evening summer heat, and so much more.

My memories line the shore and linger in her depths.

I love northern Michigan...where my life has played out in splendor. 

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