Monday, November 29, 2010

Snowy Sunday Simplicity

On Sundays, we like to take things slow.

Sabbath slow.

Although we started out with some wind and snow on Saturday...

Sunday ended up nice.


And sun filled.

Our two goats, Rachael and Levi, are now bedded down in their new winter location.

Attached to the barn for inside warmth.

And some of the chickens are still making up their minds.

Deciding on a winter roost.

Or to simply enjoy the mild weather.

The rabbits have many options and love the snow.

And the room to roam and run.

 Everyone is welcome.

And no one goes the cold winter alone.

We hope your Sunday was simple and snowy.


Sue said...

Such beautiful pictures. I can't believe the difference in snow from your area to mine. I am in between Lake City and Kalkaska. We have NOTHING for snow. I was out hanging garlands yesterday, and felt ridiculous doing it with no snow on the ground. Lucky Lucky you!!!

Mumsie said...

It was simple and VERY snowy here at the cottage...but was indeed a nice Sabbath rest. Someone else filled the puplit for hubby and we had a very nice "day off". Blessings to you both and all those critters at Russ-Stick Acres!

Jane said...

Beautiful pictures - love your short story to go along with them as well,


Farmchick said...

Precious pictures of these animals. Love the dark rabbits.

Sherry Sutherby said...

Thank you Sue, "Mumsie"/Caryl, Jane and Farm Chick. It's funny to me that you would comment on the pictures. I felt like this was one of my first "blight blogs", where I just show it like it is...:) The dark rabbits are our American Silver Fox. Beautiful, and a heritage breed. Sue, you'll get that snow...just wait! ;) And Caryl ~ it's nice to have a Sunday be "simple" and "off", even from the pulpit I would expect.